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Hanley Energy: A Vision for a Green Future

According to Hanley Energy, critical power for their clients is about more than keeping the lights on. They are focused on sustainably-sourced, energy efficient power. By identifying and eliminating incremental waste, energy usage becomes much more sustainable.

 Hanley Energy take it one step further by integrating technology and tracking energy metrics across thousands of data usage points. For Hanley Energy, a green future is one where software systems analyse energy consumption, enabling the consumer to enhance operational efficiency and prioritise clean energy sources. Having a holistic view of how energy is consumed results in remarkable cost savings and reductions in CO2 emissions.


How Hanley Energy are Creating a Greener Future

Hanley Energy work with global customers across a myriad of industries that depend on secure, clean, and reliable power, including food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, heavy manufacturing, and data centres. Their proprietary Event and Power Management Systems (EPMS) track all energy and event parameters to keep operations running smoothly. Embedded intelligence equipment measures trends and shows efficiency rates, tracking the true costs of operation. Understanding these metrics empowers customers to make operational changes, enhance efficiency levels, avoid unnecessary downtime, and reduce carbon emissions. During peak hours, for example, customers may decide to go off-grid, utilising their own reserve energy supply from sustainable sources or generators. Hanley Energy’s software makes these switches safely and automatically. 

Hanley Energy recently partnered with Ireland’s leading dairy exporter to monitor all of their power consumption across several plants. Hanley’s technology was able to identify significant energy losses; both quick wins and long-term gains. The manufacturer was heavily overusing heat, light, gas, and leaking compressed air at alarming rates. The customer was able to fix these problems, saving a remarkable 48% on energy costs in a single year. This reduced consumption also made their business much more sustainable and the BMS (Building Management System) project was given the prestigious Energy Ireland Award. Hanley Energy are experts in creating unique utility management strategies for their clients, resulting in improved sustainability.

Bringing a Green Future into the Present

Hanley Energy are also dedicated to using and promoting clean energy within their own operations. Their approach to sustainability includes recycling, green packaging, and a growing fleet of electric vehicles. This year, they committed to plant a tree for every global delivery made. Their ambition is to plant 250,000 trees by 2025. By the end of 2021, their supply chain was set to be 100% sustainably sourced, using only certified green suppliers and materials. Hanley Energy believe that sustainability starts with a transformation in culture. Only with access to accurate data can businesses take action to reduce their impact on the environment. Hanley Energy are leading by example, taking steps to help change an industry-wide mindset. 

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