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GRIDBEYOND: A Vision for a Green Future

When it comes to the future of sustainable energy, GridBeyond believes carbon reduction plans and the strategic pursuit of clean energy are key. According to this ‘intelligent energy technology’ company, the first step towards zero carbon is increasing the integration of renewable sources of energy, like wind and solar, into the grid. The second is the use of batteries to store clean energy. Clean energy supply is unpredictable. Wind and sun aren’t consistently available to provide power. If we can gather clean energy while it’s available, store it, and use it later when we need it, we will operate without reliance on fossil fuels. By strategically utilising the available technology, GridBeyond believes the world could one day be truly green. 

How GridBeyond is Creating a Greener Future

GridBeyond developed an energy technology platform, Point, powered by Artificial Intelligence, to identify flexibility in commercial energy usage. Flexibility is the ability to modify energy consumption without any negative impact on operational processes. GridBeyond promotes cost-effective decarbonisation by showing companies how (and when) to use the assets already available to them. By closely monitoring energy load, peak capacity, and energy output via the Point platform, GridBeyond controls and optimises energy consumption, ultimately helping industrial and commercial businesses save money and become more sustainable. At the same time, by providing additional flexibility to the grid, businesses enable grid operators to integrate more renewables into energy networks, make our energy greener, and support the decarbonisation of our economies.

GridBeyond works with large energy consumers across many industrial sectors, including data centres, refineries, refrigeration, metal, glass, wood, hospitals, and universities. By using cutting-edge technology to connect grid operators, operational load, distributed generation, storage, EV charging, and utilities to integrated energy services, GridBeyond helps their clients increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprints, which amounts to considerable reductions in harmful emissions. 

Bringing a Green Future into the Present

GridBeyond’s vision is to build a shared energy economy that delivers sustainability, resilience, affordability and adaptability through collaboration and innovation. GridBeyond uses the most advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and robotic trading to advance the transition towards a fully decarbonised, digitalised and decentralised grid. The company has developed a hybrid solution that enables a seamless combination of various load and storage assets that increase their overall flexibility and operational efficiency. 

GridBeyond advises customers to off-set their energy loads by implementing on-site generators and storage batteries. These tactics reduce costs for the customer. They also empower customers to trade their energy in the wholesale market by selling excess power back to the grid. As society gets smarter about how we generate power, coal plants will start shutting down. The goal is to maintain the level of power needed through active frequency management without relying on fossil fuels. GridBeyond believes we already have many of the solutions needed for the power grid to go green.

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