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EdTech Innovators: The Irish Companies Transforming Education in Australia and New Zealand

By Richard Flood


From the tech hub of Ireland to the classrooms of Australia and New Zealand, Irish EdTech is making waves, instilling lifelong learning, and sparking creativity and innovation globally. Irish companies — including startups and established firms — have been recognised worldwide for their innovative EdTech solutions. This recognition has come from the diverse mix of approaches and products, with online education and Learning Management System (LMS) services encompassing a wide range of applications and sub-sectors, including K-12 and higher education, as well as all types of government and workplace training. 


Dublin: The Heart of Irish Tech:

The success of Irish Tech, eLearning, and EdTech is mirrored in Dublin’s thriving tech ecosystem. The city is home to the European headquarters of eight out of the top ten software giants. This vibrant tech hub continuously fuels a stream of talent and startup ventures, providing a rich environment for Irish EdTech companies to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

It has already been a busy year for Irish Ed-Tech here in the A/NZ region. In February, we were honoured to co-host a reception at the Embassy of Ireland in Canberra. This event celebrated Irish EdTech companies and their esteemed customers, academia leaders, and tech decision-makers from Australian universities. It coincided with the Universities Australia Solutions Summit, attended by three innovative Irish companies: SEAtS Software, Terminalfour, and Prodigy Learning. (Read more about the event here)

The success of these companies and these events highlight the diverse range of offerings from Irish Ed-Tech Companies and their ability to address critical educational needs. From interactive K-12 platforms to cutting-edge corporate training solutions, Irish EdTech is at the forefront of innovation and continues to make a significant impact here in Australia and New Zealand.


Australian EdTech Landscape: A Growing Opportunity

Australia’s education system is a dynamic and evolving landscape, ripe with opportunities for Irish EdTech companies. The country is known for its progressive approach to education, embracing immersive learning techniques. This includes Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality (VR), and gamified content, making learning more engaging and enjoyable. Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) are also gaining traction, providing intuitive and personalised learning experiences. As the “what,” “how,” and “where” of education evolve, Irish EdTech disruptors are collaborating with Australian institutions to create transformative learning environments.


Irish Edtech Companies Making Waves in Australia

AKARI collaborates with Australian institutions, streamlining curriculum processes and version control. Their digital platform empowers academics, enhances learner success, and ensures institutional sustainability.


LearnUpon trains employees, customers, and partners while ensuring compliance. Their capabilities span course creation, training management, gamification, e-commerce, and robust reporting. Australian organisations benefit from efficient training solutions.


Prodigy Learning bridges the skills gap in Australia. Their partnerships with Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft provide learners with job-ready skills. Notably, their Coding in Minecraft assessment product has garnered international acclaim and has been adopted in several K-12 institutions.


TerminalFour - provides a suite of Higher Education focussed cloud solutions that help improve the student experience and institutional efficiency in a digital world. They work with over 230 Universities and Colleges worldwide, helping them drive student recruitment, retain students, and more recently modernise their exams and assessments.


SEAtS Software has developed a market leading Student Success Platform, that delivers real-time insights into student engagement and attendance. Their built-in early warning systems help drive retention, progression, and achievement. This allows Student Success Professionals and Academic Staff identify student performance issues early in the semester and take steps to help these students. Their actions in Australia contribute to improving student outcomes and institutional effectiveness.


Irish EdTech companies are making a real difference in Australia and their innovative solutions are meeting the needs of the evolving education sector. This successful collaboration promises a future where learning is more engaging, personalised, and ultimately effective for learners of any age. 

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