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Exports by Enterprise Ireland backed companies increased by 12% to record level in 2021

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  • 2021 was highest ever level of growth for Enterprise Ireland-backed companies in export value
  • Exports grew across all territories, with exports to the Eurozone up by 10%
  • Enterprise Ireland clients last year contributed €31bn to the domestic economy
  • Record investment of €1.36bn in Research & Development by Enterprise Ireland backed clients
  • Irish companies need to act on climate change, just one-third have developed a climate action response for their business

Enterprise Ireland, the state agency responsible for helping Irish companies to grow and expand in international markets, saw exports by companies it supports increase by 12% to a record €27.29bn last year.

This is the highest ever level of growth for Enterprise Ireland-backed companies in export value, and strong increases were experienced across almost all sectors in 2021.

Exports from Enterprise Ireland supported companies last year grew across all territories. Despite the uncertainty caused by the changed trading relationship between the UK and Ireland, exports to this market totalled €8.43bn. This marks a rise of 15% and the UK accounts for almost one-third (31%) of our export trade.

Diversification has been a key focus of Enterprise Ireland’s work in recent years, and exports by client companies to the Eurozone increased by 10% last year, totalling €6.04bn and accounting for over one-fifth (22%) of total exports. The next largest market was North America, which saw a 14% increase, bringing total exports to €4.87bn. This important market, our third largest, now accounts for 18% of total exports from Enterprise Ireland supported companies.

Growth was seen across almost all economic sectors in 2021 and food exports increased by 6%, accounting for over €12.91bn or 47% of total exports.

Exports from construction firms increased by almost one-quarter (24%) totalling €2.89bn in 2021, in 2021, while consumer retail exports rose by 13% to €1.09bn. Exports from Enterprise Ireland- backed digital technology firms rose by more than one-fifth to a value of €1.53bn. While exports from the engineering sector rose by 14% in 2021 to €1.82bn.

Speaking in relation to the results Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leo Varadkar said:

“These are really impressive results and a testament to the hard work and resilience of thousands of Irish entrepreneurs and their staff across the country. It is quite remarkable that despite the headwinds we faced last year, not least the realisation of Brexit and the continuing effects of the pandemic, Irish business managed to have a record year for exports - 12% up on the previous year. Behind these figures today are thousands of jobs in every county in the country.

“We’re working hard to diversify our export base and I’m glad to see exports up so substantially in the Eurozone and North America. We also saw significant increases in our smaller markets like the Middle East, Africa, India and Latin America. We will continue to promote Irish products and services in new and exciting markets, forging new relationships and opportunities.

“We have plenty of challenges still ahead. The global inflation crisis and Putin’s war on Ukraine are putting huge pressure on energy supplies, providing another impetus on business to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and do what they can to become more efficient with their resources. Enterprise has an important role to play in limiting climate disruption. There is a lot of information, grants and training available to help businesses make the necessary changes. I know it can be overwhelming, especially in the context of many other priorities, but Government is on hand to help.”

Welcoming the results, Leo Clancy, CEO, Enterprise Ireland, said:

“These exceptionally strong export results follow on from the record number of net new jobs created in companies supported by Enterprise Ireland last year. There has been positive growth across most sectors and regions, and Enterprise Ireland clients contributed €31bn to the domestic economy last year in employment and in purchases of materials and services. While the UK remains our largest trading partner it is good to see that our strategy to grow exports in other key markets, especially the Eurozone, continues to pay dividends.”

Despite the challenges in the first six months of this year, Enterprise Ireland clients have recorded positive growth in the first half of 2022 including;

  • 561 new overseas contracts, 85% of which are outside the UK
  • 199 new overseas presences
  • 93 companies entered new markets


Key challenges for second half of 2022

Despite the positive momentum of the last year, Enterprise Ireland research has identified a number of key challenges facing Irish exporters in the months ahead, particularly the growing impact of inflation, including energy costs, and continuing supply chain issues. Enterprise Ireland client companies also cited the lack of experienced staff as being a significant issue facing their firms over the next three years.

In the medium term all companies are facing challenges in the areas of climate change, sustainability and digitalisation as well as in adapting to potential skills shortages. According to respondents to the recent survey of Enterprise Ireland’s client companies:

  • One-third said they have developed a climate action response for their business, but just over 15% of respondents said they measure CO2 emissions,
  • Less than one-fifth (17%) of respondents said digital is fully embedded and optimised across all aspects of their businesses

Leo Clancy added;

“While these positive results from 2021 are very encouraging in terms of a foundation for 2022, the resilience of our exporters is being challenged by inflation, supply chain challenges and skills availability. However, the increased investment in innovation last year means companies are better positioned to face these challenges. Client companies we support invested in innovation at record levels last year, with an R&D spend of €1.36bn, with 1080 clients spending more than €100,000 on research and innovation last year.
“Our focus in the second half of the year is to work with clients to help them sustain and grow their employment, to support them through company investments to address sustainability and competitiveness issues and to continue to work with clients to build their export markets.”

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