Built to Innovate - An initiative by Enterprise Ireland under the Housing for All programme

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Housing for All - a New Housing Plan for Ireland’ is the Government’s housing plan to 2030. It is a multi-annual, multi-billion-euro plan which will improve Ireland’s housing system and deliver more homes of all types for people with different housing needs. The government’s overall objective is that every citizen in the State should have access to good quality homes:

  • to purchase or rent at an affordable price
  • built to a high standard and in the right place
  • offering a high quality of life

In delivering the plan it is important to ensure that the homebuilding sector remains economically sustainable. The Built To Innovate initiative seeks to support companies in the sector who wish to pursue:

  • Enhanced usage and implementation of Modern Methods of Construction,
  • Implementing Lean training in both manufacturing and onsite environments,
  • Improving the use of digital tools that can bring productivity benefits,
  • Funding for research concepts or process innovation ideas.

Eligible Companies

To be eligible for supports businesses must:

  • Be Irish companies with a minimum of 10 full time employees,
  • Construction services and manufacturing companies that have a minimum of 20% of revenue derived from home building.

Eligible Activities

Projects seeking grant funding will be assessed as follows:

  1. For productivity projects, the project to be undertaken must involve a new process or a significant improvement to an existing process which can demonstrate an impact on the cost of home building in Ireland.
  2. For Innovation projects, the project must result in a new product or process which will have a demonstrable impact on the cost of home building in Ireland.

Each specific grant aid package will be subject to specific eligibility criteria that is detailed on the respective webpages.

Ineligible companies/activities

  • Projects seeking support for capital equipment expenditure – machinery, computers, electronic devices, software licenses etc.will not be supported.
  • Property developers who do not self-perform construction work.
  • Sole traders and partnerships.

To Apply

Existing Enterprise Ireland clients should contact their Development Advisor.
Non Enterprise Ireland clients should contact: builttoinnovate@enterprise-ireland.com

Grant Aid Packages

A suite of lean, digitalisation and research & innovation grant aid packages are now available for such projects where the impact will result in homes that are built faster, on time and with less expense.

Housing for All Lean

Built To Innovate – Lean

Enterprise Ireland’s #BuiltToInnovate Lean Offer is designed to encourage the adoption of Lean principles in your organisation to increase performance and competitiveness. Lean helps to address competitiveness issues within your businesses by building the capability of your people to identify problems, improve operations and create a more innovative organisation.

Lean Business Offer - Enterprise Ireland

Built To Innovate – Digital

Enterprise Ireland’s #BuiltToInnovate Digital Offer is about redesigning your business to serve your customers better, starting with a deep understanding of your customer needs and your value stream and then using new technology to improve the customer experience.

Digital Innovation - Enterprise Ireland

Housing for All Digital

Housing for All Research and Development

Built To Innovate – Research & Innovation

Enterprise Ireland’s #BuiltToInnovate Research & Innovation supports provide access to our expertise and contacts to increase the levels and value of R&D and innovation in your company. We can help you to undertake R&D and increase the amount of innovation in your business.

Research and innovation supports, grants, funds, patents - Enterprise Ireland


For further information, please email: builttoinnovate@enterprise-ireland.com

Note: This information will be regularly updated as the project develops.