Telecoms Standards Initiative

Overview of the Telecoms Standards Initiative

The aim of the Telecoms Standards Initiative is to encourage companies to take an active or driving role in standards development and to use this as a basis for achieving technology leadership or competitive advantage in the industry and thereby achieve company growth.

Support will be provided to companies in the internet, telecommunications and mobile sectors to facilitate their participation in standards activities. Definition of telecommunications under this initiative includes wireless and both formal standards development, and international industry standards and/or specifications development are included.

Am I eligible?

This fund is open to clients and potential clients of Enterprise Ireland.  However, clients who have received Innovative HPSU funding should check with their Development Adviser whether they are currently eligible for funding under the initiative.

What costs are eligible and what is the maximum level of support?

Funding is in the form of a feasibility study grant with a maximum grant rate of 50% irrespective of company size and location. The maximum funding support per application is €100,000. The maximum programme duration is 18 months.

Eligible costs include;

  • Salaries and wages - gross salary excluding employer PRSI contribution
  • Overheads: calculated as 30% of salaries
  • Membership fees of standards bodies
  • Travel and subsistence
  • Other agreed third party costs
  • Hosting meetings and workshops

Expenditure undertaken to commercialise the results of standards development work, for example the cost of market development, is not eligible under this scheme.

In the case of successful applicants, only expenditure incurred from the call close date for which the application is submitted will be eligible for consideration. Expenditure incurred before this date is ineligible.

How do I apply?

The first step is to read the Company Guidelines document [word format] which contains full details on the projects and activities eligible for support, and the criteria on which applications will be assessed.

Once you have read the company guidelines, you must complete two documents which together constitute the application form; 

  1. Application Form [word format]
  2. Project Costs Workbook [excel format]

The two completed forms, along with the most recent audited and management accounts, should be submitted to: no later than 5.30pm on the call close date.

All applications must be submitted on the standard forms.  Application forms should not be submitted in pdf format.

Please note the turnaround time from call close date (5.30 on the last working day of the month in which the application is submitted) to the date for the R&D Fund Committee meeting is 8-9 weeks. 

Call close dates

Applications for funding will be considered on a monthly call basis.  The call close date is 5:30pm on the last working day of each month.

Please note, projects which have already commenced before submission of the proposal to Enterprise Ireland may be deemed ineligible for support.

Key contact/more information

Before preparing an application, you should inform your Development Adviser.

For detailed questions, you should contact:

Padraig Timmons

Programme Manager
353 1 727 2212
Padraig Timmons