Strategic Marketing Review

Strategic Marketing Review


Enterprise Ireland’s Strategic Marketing Review (SMR)  is a transformative programme for your senior management team, focusing on a market driven business strategy which will significantly impact your rate of scaling and international growth.

The Strategic Marketing Review will enable you to :

  • Align market opportunities with strategic business objectives to drive revenue
  • Build high performance sales and marketing teams
  • Position the value of your service or solution to each of your prioritised market segments
  • Address sales challenges and maximize market opportunities
  • Change the way you think about your customers and your markets
  • Differentiate in a competitive market landscape.

With tailored, one-to-one engagement between an experienced consultant and your senior management team, this programme will take your company to the next stage of its evolution.

What the programme offers

The Strategic Marketing Review (SMR) aligns market opportunities with strategic business objectives. It demands a joined-up approach at senior level across the company to ensure a common vision and a common direction. 

This 10-day programme gives your senior management team a unique opportunity to take time out of managing day-to-day activities and come together in a structured environment to discuss the issues that are impacting your business and unlock a plan for growth.

The programme takes the form of workshops and mentoring sessions that are focused on your company’s stage of growth. They deliver tangible insights that will empower you to take action and maximise market opportunities. 

The output of the Strategic Marketing Review is an Action Plan that identifies the key priorities for the short to medium term and action owners for each.

Am I eligible?

Ideally, the Strategic Marketing Review should be undertaken by established companies that have experience in trading internationally and who are interested in reviewing and developing their market development strategy. First time exporters should investigate Enterprise Ireland's tailored supports and information in the Exporter section of our website.

The grant is open to existing clients of Enterprise Ireland and Udarás na Gaeltachta that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The company is a manufacturing or eligible internationally traded services company; and
  2. The company is an SME company engaged in eligible activities; and
  3. The company must have demonstrated the capacity to internationalise; and
  4. The company must be trading for more than 6 years, with sustainable annual revenues of at least €500k,
  5. The company, if not trading for more than 6 years, has annual sustainable revenue of at least €500k, achieved a positive EBITDA for the previous 9 months and can demonstrate sustainable future positive EBITDA.

Ineligible Companies

Companies whose products are listed in Annexe 1 to the EU Treaty (TFEU) which include:

  • Horticulture companies
  • Fish processors
  • Other primary producers

Enterprise Ireland clients in the food and drinks sector should contact An Bord Bia for marketing support.

What costs are eligible and what is the maximum funding available?

Eligible expenditure is limited to the cost of hiring an Enterprise Ireland approved Marketing consultant for a maximum of 10 days.

The maximum daily fee payable to the consultant is €900 inclusive of travel and subsistence and out of pocket expenses.

Funding will be by way of a consultancy grant. The typical cost of undertaking a Strategic Marketing Review is €9000. The company must pay the full amount of €9000 to the consultant before Enterprise Ireland can process the claim. The company can then claim the grant of €7200 by submitting proof of payment and a copy of the completed action plan.

This eligibility is determined by the company’s available De Minimis aid balance.

What are the call close dates?

There are no call close dates. The process is not competitive and is approved by Enterprise Ireland management. Please contact your Enterprise Ireland Development Adviser to discuss the suitability of this support for your business.

How do I apply?

All applications for funding should be discussed with your Enterprise Ireland Adviser prior to submission.

You can apply via the Enterprise Ireland Online Application System.

Prior to applying you must do the following:

Where can I find a suitable consultant?

The Strategic Marketing Review is delivered by a team of pre-approved consultants. Once you have spoken to your Development Advisor and a member of the SMR team, we can recommend a shortlist of consultants most relevant to work with your company.

Key contact/more information

Download Strategic Marketing Review Brochure 2020
For more information, please contact your Enterprise Ireland Adviser
If you are not a client, please contact your nearest Enterprise Ireland Regional Office.