Key Manager / Part Time Key Manager


Overview of Enterprise Ireland Key Manager / Part Time Key Manager Support

The aim of this initiative is to provide partial funding towards the cost of recruiting a Full Time or Part Time Key Manager with skills that are critical to the future growth of the client. This individual must contribute to significant and measurable improvements in company productivity and/or changes in its output to meet defined market requirements. The Part Time Key Manager grant has been introduced in order to support companies to attract senior leadership talent by offering more flexible working arrangements.

Key Manager support is not intended to be a mechanism to subsidise general recruitment.

Examples of Key Manager positions are: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO), R&D Manager, Production Manager etc. 

In order to comply with EU State Aid Legislation, support towards a Sales/Marketing Manager is deemed ineligible. In addition, a Business Development Manager cannot undertake/have responsibility for sales and marketing activities.

If your Development Adviser (DA) instructs you that this is an ERDF project, click on ERDF Information for Clients.


Am I eligible?

The following companies are eligible to apply for this offer:

  • Small and Medium Established Clients employing 10 or more employees (or full time equivalents) at the time of application, and
  • Companies that have been trading (generating sales) for at least 2 years at the time of application.
  • HPSUs may be eligible – please consult your Development Adviser


What is the maximum funding available?

  • A Client may receive two Key Manager Approvals in a rolling 12 month period.
  • Funding will be by way of Grant. The maximum support level will depend on the state aid basis being applied - your Development Adviser will advise.

Eligible Activities

Support for a Key Manager / Part Time Key Manager will be considered where it can be demonstrated that:

  • the role is a senior management function and the salary level should reflect the strategic nature of the role. 
  • the position is a new role and not a replacement for an existing position.
  • the role provides new professional external expertise to the company.
  • a competitive interview process will be used to select the successful candidate.
  • the role is based in Ireland.
  • For Part Time positions to qualify they must be working a minimum of 18.75 hours per week.

Ineligible Activities

Funding cannot be provided for a key manager where the activities are directly linked to export-related activities namely:

  • Funding directly linked to the quantities exported.
  • To the establishment and operation of a distribution network.
  • To any other current costs linked to export activity.
  • No support should be sought for personnel who are promoting/ researching existing products in existing geographical markets.

Eligible Costs

Support may be approved against eligible Salary costs associated with the employment of a Key Manager up to the following limits.

Cost CategoryAmountNotes:
SalariesSalary costs up to a maximum annual salary of €150,000 for a full time role.

Salary costs up to a maximum annual salary of between €75,000 and €150,000 for a part time role (depending on number of hours per week)
Eligible salary costs to exclude Employer's PRSI, bonus and commission.

Note: Acumen Key Manager grants are supported at 50% of salary to a maximum grant of €18,750. Companies interested in applying for an Acumen Key Manager must have first received pre-approval from InterTradeIreland Acumen Programme.


Project Evaluation

All applications will be subject to a Commercial Assessment by Enterprise Ireland. Additional information in support of your application may be requested in the course of this assessment.

The approving committee/authority will be presented with an assessment of the project, which incorporates comment on the following assessment criteria:

  • Value for money for the State
  • How the proposed activities are additional to the current activities
  • How the Key Manager appointment is an integral part of the strategic development plan of the company
  • Financial track record of the company
  • Development needs of the company
  • Previous track record in implementing previous State funded projects (if any)
  • The increase in capability within the company.


Right to Appeal

All clients have the right to appeal the decision by the approving authority within 2 months of the decision by contacting their DA to discuss committee/authority decisions, or by appealing in writing to the Secretary to the Board.


What are the call close dates?

Support for Key Managers is not competitive and proposals can be processed throughout the year.


How do I apply?

All applications for funding should be discussed with your Enterprise Ireland Adviser prior to submission.  

Apply via the Enterprise Ireland Online Application System.

Prior to applying you must do the following:

Any expenditure incurred prior to receipt of the application by Enterprise Ireland will not be eligible for grant aid.

Companies interested in applying for an Acumen Key Manager must have first received pre-approval from InterTradeIreland Acumen Programme.


Key contact/more information

Please contact your Enterprise Ireland Adviser for more information.