Job Expansion Fund (max €150,000)

Overview of the Job Expansion Fund

The aim of the Job Expansion Fund is to assist Enterprise Ireland client companies achieve enhanced growth through increased employment.  The fund provides grant support up to a maximum of €150,000 towards the recruitment of new employees over and above a company's base employment position.


Am I eligible?

You are eligible to apply for the Job Expansion Fund if you are:

  • A Small to Medium Sized Employer (SME) planning to increase your employment over your existing base employment.
  • A manufacturing and/or an internationally traded services company
  • have 10 or more full time employees at the time of application
  • have been trading for at least 2 years


Additional Criteria

  • Companies must be recruiting a minimum of 3 new (non-sales) employees per application.
  • The new jobs must not result in displacement of existing jobs.
  • There must be a minimum increase in turnover of €350,000 over the two years.
  • The base number of jobs at date of application plus the New Jobs created must be retained for a minimum of three years from the date of last payment of the grant package.


What is the Maximum Funding Available

The maximum funding available per company application is €150,000. The maximum grant per employee may vary up to a maximum grant per employee of €15,000.


Eligible Jobs

New “non sales” employees recruited after the project start date (i.e. the call close date for the Job Expansion Fund) are eligible for employment grant support.  New employees must be recruited as full time employees (min. 37.5 hours per week) on a permanent full time contract or a minimum of 3 years fixed term contract of full time employment. 

Ineligible Jobs – the following are ineligible for employment grant support under the Job Expansion Fund;

  • Employees recruited/on the company payroll prior to the project start date.
  • Employees based outside of Ireland
  • Individuals who, at the point of claim, are engaged by the company but not issued with an eligible employment contract and paid via the company payroll e.g. agency staff or consultants.
  • Employees transferred from another location to the grant aided company location.
  • Employees performing a sales and marketing role for the grantee company.
  • Employees grant aided under any other Enterprise Ireland employment grant e.g. Graduate for International Growth, Key Manager Grant.
  • Employees supported under the Jobs Plus Programme administered by the Dept. of Social Protection.


Eligible Salary Costs

Grant is calculated based on a percentage of “Eligible Salary". Eligible salary is defined as the basic salary cost (less employer’s PRSI) of the new employee at the date of recruitment, as stated in the signed employment contract, net of pension, expenses, bonuses and commission. 


How do I Apply?

You are strongly advised to consult with your Enterprise Ireland Adviser before submitting an application. If you are not a client of Enterprise Ireland, please contact your local Enterprise Ireland office to discuss eligibility criteria. Applicants should download and read the Job Expansion Fund Reference Document .

Applications for the Job Expansion Fund are made using the Enterprise Ireland Online Application System. Applicants should complete the application form online and submit to Grant Applications (GA) by following the online instructions.

The following documents must also be submitted either to Grant Applications at, (or directly to the DA as part of the application):

  • Latest Audited Accounts & Management Accounts, unless the applicant has availed of Audit Exemption / if not already submitted to your Development Adviser)
  • Organisation Chart and Group Structure

Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by Grant Applications (GA) within 3 days. If after this period you have not received acknowledgement then you should contact GA by e-mail:

Approval Process and Duration

The approval process takes circa 8 weeks. The projects are assessed based on the company's application and financial information and a Commercial Assessment of the project.


Key contact/more information

Clients of Enterprise Ireland should contact their Enterprise Ireland Adviser. If you are not a client of Enterprise Ireland, please contact your local Enterprise Ireland office to discuss eligibility criteria.

Enquiries relating to the submission of your application can be directed to:

Financial Products Helpdesk

+353 1 727 2799

Financial Products