Capital Investment Initiative (CII)

Overview of the Capital Investment Initiative (CII) Fund

The aim of the Capital Investment Initiative (CII) is to assist Enterprise Ireland client companies improve productivity and competitiveness through the acquisition of new capital equipment and technology. The fund provides grant support up to a maximum of €250,000.

This offer can be used to support a digitalisation journey as companies seek to invest in newer technologies and increased automation.


Am I eligible?

You are eligible to apply for the CII if you:

  • Are a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) as defined by the Official Journal of the European Commission
  • Are a manufacturing and/or an internationally traded services company
  • Have 10 or more full time employees in Ireland at the time of application
  • Have been generating sales for at least 5 years
  • Have not received approval under the fund in the last three years
  • Companies submitting an application must be EBITDA positive in the previous accounting period or; for at least the previous nine months prior to application and can demonstrate sustainable future EBITDA.


Eligible Projects

The Capital Investment Initiative will support the activities which meet the following criteria:

      • Demonstrate the potential to increase output by way of productivity or value add while maintaining or increasing employment in the company in the longer term.
      • Demonstrate the potential to increase international trade.
      • Are submitted by Irish based firms in manufacturing and eligible traded service businesses.
      • Clearly show how the company plans to undertake the project, particularly in relation to the resources required to develop the project.


Eligible Costs

Capital equipment


Eligible Assets:
      • New or second-hand equipment including reasonable direct installation costs. Second hand equipment must be less than 7 years old and more than €10,000 in value. Refurbished equipment will be evaluated on a case by case basis by Enterprise Ireland Assessors.
      • Computers and perpetual software licenses used in the production process. For an ERP, MES or equivalent system, that could include costs for license purchase and costs for software customisation or modifications required to get the system operational as part of the initial installation, but excludes ongoing support & maintenance costs.


Ineligible Assets:
      • Expenditure on buildings, building modifications, mobile assets, transport and office equipment e.g. desks, chairs, filing cabinets, computers for administration, forklifts, insulated panels and doors and building services (this list is not exhaustive but reflects some of the key items that are not eligible).
      • Software directly relevant to routine business activities such as payroll systems or standalone accountancy packages.
      • Consultancy
      • Investment in training and salaries.
      • If any expenditure is incurred before a valid application is received by Enterprise Ireland, the entire project will be ineligible for support. This includes the payment of deposits or where contracts are entered into by the applicant company.

NOTE: The grant claim is based on the costs of equipment excluding VAT.


Purchase of Eligible Assets

Where the grant-aided assets are purchased by the company, the grant may be claimed when verified eligible expenditure has been incurred and paid by the grantee. In this instance, the equipment claimed must be installed in the company premises and the company must hold valid title to the assets. It is not permitted to subsequently lease assets on which a capital grant has been paid to a grantee.


Leasing & Hire Purchase

If the company wishes to lease the capital assets from a lending institution or enter into a hire purchase agreement, the costs (principal only, excluding interest and any other costs) will be regarded as eligible expenditure.

If the title to the asset does not transfer to the company at the end of the lease period any grant payment made must be repaid to Enterprise Ireland.

The grant payment of the lease and hire purchase to be paid in arrears (that is, after repayment costs have been made by the company) and the company can make a maximum of one grant claim per year.


Technology Acquisition

Technology acquisition is the process by which a company acquires the rights to use and exploit a technology for the purpose of improving or renewing processes, products or services. It does not include retailed or mass market off-the-shelf software which is generally governed by non-negotiable “shrink-wrapped” licences. Support for technology acquisition is designed both for business-to-business technology acquisition and for technology that may come from a university or research organisation.

Companies applying for funding for technology acquisition under this Fund will be required to have carried out sufficient due diligence to have identified the technology they wish to acquire. As part of the application the applicant company will also have established the proposed terms of the licence agreement between the partners and provide an informed estimate of the costs involved. The company will be required to demonstrate how the technology acquisition can lead to improvements in competitiveness and productivity. The technology acquired must be ready to be applied to the production process.


Eligible Expenditure:
      • Licence cost - Down-payment and an agreed number of phased payments for the purchase of a licence over a maximum period of two years.
      • Purchase of patents over the same period.


Ineligible Expenditure:
      • Patent filing.
      • Royalty payments.
      • Professional fees to cover technical, commercial and legal due diligence.
      • Licences associated with the sales of products/services that restrict sales to within the Irish market.
      • Retailed or mass market off-the-shelf software which is generally governed by non-negotiable “shrink-wrapped” licences.

If there is a capital element associated with the project, then these costs may be eligible for support under the Fund as outlined in the relevant sections.

Companies may avail of consultancy advice from Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Transfer Unit to assist them carry out their due diligence on the technology acquisition. The Development Adviser can provide further assistance.


What is the Maximum Funding Available?

The maximum grant support available per company application is €250,000. The minimum is €20,000. The grant rates are determined by size as per the table below.

Firm SizeGrant Rates
Small20% - 35%
Medium10% - 25%

While companies in all areas of Ireland are eligible for the Capital Investment Initiative, the maximum grant rate that applies to your company depends on whether or not your company is located in Ireland’s Regional Aid Map for 2022-2027. See Regional Aid Map for Ireland.


How do I Apply?

You are strongly advised to consult with your Enterprise Ireland Adviser before submitting an application. If you are not a client of Enterprise Ireland, please contact your local Enterprise Ireland office to discuss eligibility criteria.

Applications and associated documents must be submitted via email and include the following:

To be a valid application, a completed Application (including all of the documentation listed above) must be submitted together to Clients should note that this is not a secured e-mail transmission.

Receipt of the application will be acknowledged by Grant Applications (GA) within 3 days.  If after this period you have not received acknowledgement then you should contact GA by e-mail:


Approval Process and Duration

The approval process takes circa 8 weeks. The projects are assessed by an Enterprise Ireland Committee based on the company's application, financial information and a Commercial Assessment of the project.


Right to Appeal:

All clients have the right to appeal the decision by the approving authority within 2 months of the decision by contacting their DA to discuss committee/authority decisions, or by appealing in writing to the Secretary to the Board. 


Key contact/more information

Enquiries relating to the submission of your application can be directed to:

Financial Products Helpdesk

+353 1 727 2799

SME definition: