Fiona Kerr

Dr. Fiona Kerr

Dr. Fiona Kerr, Industry Professor, Neural and Systems Complexity, The University of Adelaide

Dr Fiona Kerr is a prominent thought leader in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, human connectivity and the impacts of technologization. In addition to her role as Industry Professor of Neural and Systems Complexity at Adelaide University, Fiona maintains consulting and public speaking roles in Australia and overseas. After 30 years of working internationally in various sectors, she undertook a PhD that integrated neuroscience and complex systems engineering to examine the complexities of human connectivity and adaptive systems, and how to build and lead adaptive organisations. Her research in this area is ongoing, and now examines how human interaction and organisations are impacted by increased technologization.

Fiona works with CEOs and public-sector leaders on how to get the best from both people and technology in any given situation, whether working with Cirque du Soleil or Finland’s steering committee to design their national AI program. She has worked in the SME sector for many years across the Asia-Pacific region including Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, and as part of this work she has designed and implemented participative value chains in and across a number of sectors, from primary industries to luxury goods.