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Senior Market Advisor

What you’ll do

As a Senior Market Adviser, you will embark on a global business development journey. You will focus on assisting Irish companies in your region through your wide-reaching network of partners, advisors, and buyers. In doing so, you will help your Clients unlock opportunities in the market to accelerate their success.

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The benefits of working with us

Learning and Development

Continuous learning opportunities will keep you informed on market dynamics and emerging trends, enabling you to innovate and grow.

Global Impact

You will play a pivotal role in fostering international business growth, influencing global markets, and contributing to economic development.

New Horizons

Operating in diverse business environments, will broaden your experience and open you to new ways of doing business.

Career Development

Achieve your potential by navigating complex markets, making informed decisions, and deliver results on behalf of your Clients.

Senior Market Advisor Ambassador

"At Enterprise Ireland, I thrive as a Senior Market Adviser because every connection I make, every strategy I craft, fuels tangible growth for businesses and economies. Being part of a global impact while continually learning and innovating. 


Ana Rodriguez, San Fransico  

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Ana Rodriguez
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