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Research & Innovation - Horizon Europe Role

What you’ll do

As a member of the Research and Innovation team at Enterprise Ireland, you will drive innovation and growth for Irish organisations. From concept development to market entry, you’ll link business and research and guide Irish organisations through the entire R&D process, ensuring alignment with global trends, market demands, and cutting-edge technologies. Your role fosters a culture of innovation, accelerates product development, and contributes to the advancement of Ireland's position as a hub for pioneering solutions. 

The benefits of working with us

Innovative Impact

You will be at the forefront of innovation, shaping the trajectory of businesses by guiding them through cutting-edge research and technology trends.

Strategic Collaboration

Collaborate with a diverse range of businesses, helping them drive their strategic product development, aligning with market demands and technological advancements.

Professional Growth

Expand your knowledge of emerging technologies, industry trends, and research methodologies while developing your skills in project management, strategic planning, and client engagement.

Contribute to Progress

Contribute to the growth of Ireland's innovation ecosystem, nurturing groundbreaking solutions that have a lasting impact on industries, markets, and the economy.

Research & Innovation - Horizon Europe Role Ambassador

“Guiding businesses and Irish organisations through transformative Research and Innovation, I'm not just shaping products; I'm shaping industries and shaping the future. Witnessing ideas evolve into solutions with global impact is why I'm passionate about the work I do." 



Brigid Burke,  Eastpoint, R&I Internationalisation 

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Brigid Burke
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