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Development Adviser

What you’ll do

As a Development Adviser at Enterprise Ireland, you’ll bring a sector-aligned approach, working closely with key account managers to drive growth. With a background in business development and a focus on both startups and established ventures, leverage your expertise to develop businesses across a broad spectrum of sectors.  


Your role involves client engagement, influencing, and steering direction, while project management skills ensure seamless execution. Your focus is on understanding challenges and leading companies toward the right solutions and opportunities for sustainable growth. 

The benefits of working with us

Strategic Impact

Make a significant difference by guiding businesses through growth trajectories, influencing their success, and contributing to the expansion of industries on a national and global scale.

Diverse Portfolio

Work with a mix of startups and established enterprises across various sectors, allowing you to continuously broaden your expertise and adapt your skills to diverse business challenges.

Industry Expertise

Leverage your deep sector knowledge and business development background to navigate complex market landscapes, empowering businesses with insights and strategies that drive their growth.

Professional Growth

Enhance your client portfolio management skills, financial acumen, and leadership capability as you enable companies to scale and grow successfully.

Development Advisor

“At Enterprise Ireland, my role as a Development Adviser is a thrilling journey of transforming challenges into opportunities. Every day, I witness the impact of my efforts on businesses, industries, and the economy—it's not just a job; it's a passion." 


Charlotte Mattu, Digital Technologies, Eastpoint

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Charlotte Mattu
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