Sectors eligible for Enterprise Ireland support

Enterprise Ireland is the state agency responsible for developing indigenous industry.  To become a client of Enterprise Ireland you need to be

Eligible Internationally Traded Services

The Industrial Development (Services Industries) Order 2010 sets out the services that qualify for support from the enterprise development agencies. 

  • Data processing and electronic commerce
  • Technical and consulting services
  • Commercial laboratory services
  • Administrative/service centres, co-ordination and headquarters services
  • Research and development services
  • Media, multimedia and recording services
  • Entertainment and leisure services
  • Training services
  • Publishing services
  • International Financial services
  • Healthcare services
  • Construction related services
  • Environmental services
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management services
  • Commercial international standards bodies
  • Technology test centres
  • Prototype laboratory services
  • Intellectual property services
  • Group Procurement
  • Shipping services
  • Education Services

Please note that carrying out a qualifying trade is a prerequisite to becoming a client of Enterprise Ireland, however, it is not the only criterion.  Approval by Enterprise Ireland of any grant or investment sought in this shall be subject to Enterprise Ireland being satisfied:

  • (a) of the merits of providing grant support to the activity set out in the company’s application.
  • (b) that the approval is in accordance with Enterprise Ireland policy.
  • (c) that the approval is in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements.
  • (d) that there are sufficient funds available to Enterprise Ireland.