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Andrew Jenkinson vStream ISP
Andrew Jenkinson, vStream and vStream Health

What’s worse than a full day of Zoom calls? Two full days of Zoom calls. Or at least that's what you might think at the prospect of it - but not all Zoom calls are made equal. Having completed Module 2 of Enterprise Ireland's International Selling programme, I can safely say that the organisers have made the best use of the technology available, and, dare I say it, made it an even more engaging and interactive experience than a real classroom.

Module 2 “Sustainable Growth & Performance” was led by John O'Gorman using the “Growth Pitstop" model for sales growth. As an F1 fan, this metaphor resonated well, but regardless of how much petrol is in your head, it is an excellent way of breaking down complex business information into a relatable analogy. The driver is you. The pit crew is your team. The car is your execution model, and the track is your path to execution.

Throughout the two days, we covered how to uncover and untap performance potential, our alignment on key questions (is our team set up with the right people, roles, work, purpose etc), the psychology and behaviour that drives performance, and even worked through each other’s sales prospects to see how we could improve the likelihood of closing a deal. The information was enlightening, and the use of interactive tools for group collaboration ensured full engagement.

The breakout sessions with the other participants were enlightening and educational, and I know that we are at the start of a journey where mentors, confidants and friends will be made. This course is going to impact my business. In fact, it already has. And in one of our breakout sessions today we helped a colleague devise a strategy to close a major deal.

So, I’m not alone in the view that this course will have an immediate and long-lasting effect on some key elements of our sales strategy and execution. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has any room for improvement in how their organisation sells. And I reckon that’s pretty much everyone, if they’re honest. My only regret is that I didn’t ask for commission on that deal!

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