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The Enterprise Ireland HPSU Founders Forum is for founders serious about scaling their business. It will help you:

  • Build a strong network of like-minded founder CEO’s
  • Identify who your ideal customer is & how to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Build a sustainable sales process
  • Manage cash to support growth
  • Build a strong team capable of accelerating growth

The HPSU Founders Forum runs over 2 years and offers a combination of facilitated founder group sessions, high quality masterclasses, breakfast clinics and an on-line founder’s network.

The HPSU Founders Forum is delivered in partnership with Select Strategies.



 The HPSU Founders Forum will help you grow your business rapidly through:

  • Creating a strong CEO founder network of individuals with similar goals that are committed to challenging, supporting and helping each other.
  • Developing a deeper understanding of who your ideal customer is and how to differentiate from your competition.
  • Gaining an appreciation of how to build your international sales.  
  • Building a clear understanding of how to generate and manage cash to position your company for growth.
  • Creating a strong team capable of accelerating your company’s growth objectives.

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Why should I participate on the HPSU Founder Forum

Existing Founders talk about why you should make time to participate on the HPSU Founders Forum:


Am I eligible/Who should apply?

All Enterprise Ireland HPSU Accelerate clients are eligible to apply. The next intake for the HPSU Founders Forum is in October 2017.

Please email foundersforum@enterprise-ireland.com to check your eligibility and to get more information.



The HPSU Founders Forum will be held in the Gibson Hotel in Dublin.


HPSU Founder of the Year Award

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Nine start-ups have been nominated by their peers for 2017 Founder of Year Award: Immersive VR Education; Hub Controls; SalesOptimize, Clubstohire.com; Future Ticketing; Solar Adtek; SiriusXT; Feedpods and TVadSync.

  • Click here to read the Press Release launching the HPSU Founder of the Year Awards.



For further information, please contact:

Magdalena Sobczak

High Potential Start Up Division

Enterprise Ireland

Magdalena Sobczak

+353 1 727 2295