Digital Marketing Unit (DMU)

The Internet provides one of the most cost-effective ways to develop an export market. Choosing how and where to incorporate the Internet into your business activities will vary for every company, depending on your resources, capabilities and target market: the one constant is that no business can afford to ignore or take their Web presence lightly.

Enterprise Ireland's Digital Marketing Unit (DMU) is focused on helping export-focused clients across all sectors to exploit the Internet as a route to market and to assist them in developing a strategy that will shape how they do business online.

The DMU provides a range of services, including strategic guidance, workshops and seminars and funding support, based on the recommendation of your Development Adviser.

Support available from the Digital Marketing Unit

  1. Funding for Digital Marketing Capability 
    The Digital Marketing Capability support (formerly known as the e-Marketing Improvement Assignment) is a management development support which is facilitated/supported by a digital marketing agency/consultant. The aim is to develop and enhance your company's capability to use digital channels for business development. 

    Under Enterprise Ireland's Business Process Improvement Grant client companies can apply for grant support for Digital Marketing Capability. This support is designed to assist senior managers in client companies to maximise the opportunities presented by the Internet as a business development channel. Through the use of one-to-one training and action-based learning, consultants/trainers (.doc) will work with clients to plan and implement significant strategic e-marketing projects. Interested applicants must contact their Enterprise Ireland Adviser to discuss.

    For more information, see our Digital Marketing Capability offer or download Digital Marketing Capability client brochure for more information on eligible activities.

  2. Measuring your digital marketing maturity
    The Digital Marketing Unit has developed a questionnaire to help clients to establish a baseline of their digital marketing activity.  Download the Digital Marketing Maturity Questionnaire (.doc) which covers a variety of information points and capabilities that will help clients to develop a clear understanding of their web presence and activity, as well as highlighting opportunities and weaknesses in existing Internet Marketing strategy.

  3. Information and Events
    For information, check our upcoming events for Digital Marketing workshops.

Key contacts/more information

Clients of Enterprise Ireland should contact their Enterprise Ireland Adviser in the first instance.

Eoin O'Siochru

Senior Executive - Digital Marketing Unit

Enterprise Ireland

+353 1 727 2969

Eoin O Siochru

Mary Cloak

Senior Executive - Digital Marketing Unit

Enterprise Ireland

+353 1 727 2433

Mary Cloak