National Graduate Programme Testimonials

Current and Previous Graduates on our National Programme include:

Rachael Lynch

Rachael Lynch "As part of my undergraduate degree, Law with Business at Maynooth University, I had the opportunity to complete an 11-month work placement in Enterprise Ireland’s HR Department. I thoroughly enjoyed my placement experience and knew that Enterprise Ireland was where I would like to work upon completion of my studies. I joined the National Graduate Programme in September 2021 as a Development Executive in the Engineering Department. From the very beginning of the programme, I was given the opportunity to work closely with Engineering client companies across Ireland and support colleagues on many different client projects. Involvement in various engagements, within a varied portfolio of clients, allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the Engineering sector in Ireland and how businesses of various sizes operate. I have also had the chance to take part in many training courses including Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. I would recommend the Enterprise Ireland National Graduate Programme to anyone who wishes to gain broad business experience at an early stage of their career."

Tomas Scully

Tomas Scully "My year working in the HPSU team afforded me the opportunity to work with the best and brightest start-ups across Ireland. Some highlights of my role included actively negotiating investment cases with senior leadership at our investment committee and organising and attending trade shows and events both in Ireland and abroad. The experience I gained in this role was instrumental in my progression to an international role within Enterprise Ireland and has also inspired me to build my own business in Ireland later in my career."

Raymona OConnell

Raymona O'Connell "One of the main things that struck me when I began the National Graduate Programme at Enterprise Ireland is how valued Graduates are in the organisation. From the get-go, colleagues and management actively sought my input and encouraged me to get stuck-in. In this role, I have been trusted to engage with external stakeholders which in turn, has allowed me to build my network. I have been given the opportunity to double-down on my strengths while also being pushed to explore new areas of interest. As a result, I have built confidence and acquired many new, transferable skills. It has been amazing working for an organisation that is eager for you to succeed and reach your potential."

Lisa Power

Lisa Power “Working as a Development Executive has given me the opportunity to regularly engage with clients and contribute to a variety of projects and reports. As client companies can vary between start-ups, SMEs, and large companies, it has allowed me to gain insight into how companies of all sizes operate. From the day I joined, colleagues throughout the organisation have always been willing to support me on my graduate journey. The wide range of divisions within Enterprise Ireland means that there are always opportunities for employees to learn and develop their skillset. Participating in Enterprise Ireland’s National Graduate Programme has been an invaluable first step in my career.”

Niall Diffley

Niall Diffley is currently in his second year of the Enterprise Ireland National Graduate Programme. Niall began his Enterprise Ireland journey on the International Graduate Programme in August 2021 working as a Trade Development Executive in the Austin, Texas office. He then returned to Ireland to take up a role of Development Executive, on the Food High Potential Start-Up team on the National Programme in May of 2022. Read more

Katie Dempsey

Katie Dempsey, Development Executive, Policy, Planning & Government Relations “I have been on a steep learning curve since the day I arrived. The team is always engaged in various exciting and diverse projects. I have had the opportunity to develop multiple skills including data analysis, policy writing and interpersonal skills. Working in such a dynamic team has proved invaluable to my career"

Lauren Barry Murphy

Lauren Barry Murphy, Development Executive, Sales & Marketing Unit "Since I’ve started working in the Sales & Marketing unit, I’ve had exposure to a variety of different companies and industries. This client facing experience has allowed me to gain hands-on experience in assessing the capability gaps within a company’s sales and marketing model. It has also given me to the opportunity to apply everything I’ve learnt in my degree to come up with practical solutions and recommendations that will allow the company to increase their sales.”

Darragh OCarroll

Darragh O’Carroll, Development Executive,Lifesciences and Construction, Cleantech, Timber and Consumer “Enterprise Ireland’s Graduate Programme has been an invaluable experience to start my career. Not only was I given the task to project manage one of the organisations largest events working with multiple overseas offices and departments in Dublin, I also have a very client facing role interacting with clients on a daily basis and learning of the Irish business ecosystems that exist in Ireland.”  

Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh, Development Executive, Change Management & Client Engagement Team “Ever since the induction week last August I have felt so welcomed and valued as an employee of EI, something which can be difficult to find in modern Graduate Programmes, particularly at a Multinational level. While I was hoping/expecting a certain level of responsibility, my first 6 months certainly exceeded my expectations. As a Graduate, I was offered the opportunity to work across various internal projects and teams, along with solely managing projects and presenting my work to an Executive Committee. The willingness of staff members to help and guide Graduates is truly refreshing, along with the numerous functions within EI which keep the role one of constant learning and offers Graduates an unbelievable ecosystem to shape their careers”.

Laura McKitterick

Laura McKitterick, Development Executive, Corporate Communications & Marketing From day one, I was given a high level of responsibility and the opportunity to work on various exciting new projects. On a daily basis, I engage with start-ups, large client companies, media outlets and other departments across the organisation.”

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