Development Adviser

All Enterprise Ireland services, advice, programmes and financial supports are made available to clients via an assigned Development Adviser.

Companies involved in significant expansion, R&D, export or investment activity are assigned a Development Adviser who will discuss your business needs and relevant supports available from Enterprise Ireland. Use the DA finder below to search for your Development Adviser contact details.


Client companies that are not currently exporting or who are not involved in significant expansion, R&D or investment are not assigned a specific development adviser but are supported by a team of specialist development advisers who are available to discuss your business needs and relevant Enterprise Ireland supports. Please Contact us here

Enterprise Ireland Advisers are available to:

  • discuss your business development needs
  • provide impartial confidential advice on your business plans
  • provide information on the wide range of financial and business development supports available from Enterprise Ireland
  • guide you through the application process for relevant supports
  • make you aware of sectoral events and networks of relevance to your business

Becoming a Client of Enterprise Ireland

If your company is not currently a client of Enterprise Ireland, you should contact us to ascertain your company’s eligibility for Enterprise Ireland support

If you are an individual or early stage company seeking to start a new High Potential Start Up (HPSU) check out the Start a Business section of our website