Vision 2030

Enterprise Ireland has commenced work on the development of an ambitious vision to 2030 and a multi-year strategy which will chart the course for the growth and global competitiveness of Irish industry to 2030.

This will build upon earlier plans including 2017-2020 Strategy Build Scale, Expand Reach, and our 2021 Strategic Priorities, developed in response to the immediate challenges created by Covid-19. Enterprise Ireland’s strategies help to ensure that we are adaptive and focused and that we marshal all available resources and talent to help businesses survive and thrive in the face of unprecedented change.  This was evident in our recent strategies where, in spite of uncertainty stemming from Brexit in 2019, Enterprise Ireland supported companies had recorded the highest level of employment, exports of over €25bn and expenditure in the Irish economy of €29bn.

As part of the strategy development process, we wish to engage in a public consultation to help us to develop a strategy and vision for 2030, which is robustly informed, ambitious and encompassing. This will guide us to deliver the greatest impact for Ireland and Irish enterprise in the coming years.

We would be very grateful if you could answer our questions as we believe that gaining your insights into the future needs of the economy and Irish enterprise and what Enterprise Ireland’s role should be in addressing these needs, will be a critical input into this process.

The form is embedded below or can be opened in a new tab here

Closing date: 1st July’

Please note that survey submissions received will not be responded to. Submissions will be collated with a view to informing of Enterprise Ireland’s multi-year strategy and Vision 2030.  Personal, confidential or commercially sensitive information should not be included in your submission. All submissions will be subject to Freedom of Information and Data Protection legislation. Following the closing of the consultation period, submissions may be made available on the website of Enterprise Ireland;  however, if you wish to make a submission but not be identified publicly this can be accommodated provided it is clearly indicated when the submission is made.