Technology Gateways Video Transcript - Delivering Solutions for Industry

Technology Gateway Networks support Irish companies to deliver near to market network solutions. A network of 12 access points facilitate the development of technology solutions through collaboration and access to expertise in the Irish research infrastructure.

Hear from some companies that have benefited from participation:

Mincon design, manufacture and produce a range of percussive rock drilling tools for drilling in mining applications. Indeed that type of tool was actually used in the Chilean miners rescue. Within the industry there would be a percentage of failures that you would expect in operation maybe four percent.

We wanted to reduce that failure down to two percent. We needed to get some expertise in. Enterprise Ireland recommended Seam. It was money very well spent.

We offer renewable energy to the market. The initial problem that we had in the market was the technology to link between renewable energy and existing thermal heating solutions simply wasn't there. Enterprise Ireland then introduced us to The Gateway and particularly to the TEC C.I.T.

The company couldn't afford to have researchers employed twenty four seven.

I think the Gateway offers industry in Ireland the opportunity to keep up with industry across the world.

No matter what size a company or what size an organization you are, if you're really innovative you'll be trying to do things that are outside your current capabilities.

In DairyMaster, we've a very strong connection with Imar Gateway in IT Tralee. Since that has started a number of projects have happened and a number are actually still underway. It's a collaboration that we see continuing very much into the future.

Eirgen specialises in the development and supply of highly potent pharmaceuticals for global markets. Eirgen's relationship with PMBRC goes back to the PMBRC's founding in 2008. PMBRC specialise in drug delivery systems and analytical techniques. They have instrumentation and equipment we don't have the resources to purchase here. So we very much see PMBRC as an extension of our R and D capability.

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