Technology Centres and Industry-Led Research

Industry-led research is a collaborative effort, where companies that might ordinarily be competitors agree to share knowledge, risk and the rewards of pooling their research resources.   There are two programmes that support industry-led research in Ireland;


Technology Centres Initiative

The investment in Technology Centres is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland allowing Irish companies and multinationals to work together on research projects in collaboration with research institutions. Technology Centres are collaborative entities established and led by industry.  They are resourced by highly-qualified researchers associated with research institutions who are empowered to undertake market focussed strategic R&D for the benefit of industry. For more information, go to Technology Centres Initiative.


Industry-led Research Networks Programme (ILRP)  

This programme supports medium-term 'shared agenda' research activity among groups of companies that could not afford to fund such research on their own.  The model used engages a wide spectrum of companies with a common interest. This leads to success because the risks and benefits associated with large research projects are shared as are the skills and knowledge built up through working with academic researchers. Projects generally take between 9 months and 2 years to complete and the research is contracted out to a publicly-funded research institution with significant funding available from Enterprise Ireland. For more information, go to Industry-led Research Networks Programme.