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Moog Dublin
15 Northwest Business Park
Dublin 15

Derek Harris
Business Development Manager

+353 87 211 9010



Since 1987, Moog Dublin has been responsible for the design, development and production of the Vulcain Engine Supports for the Ariane 5 programme, working closely with Snecma Moteurs, Vernon, France.  The engine supports are the linkages and structural components that are used to connect the main equipment onto Vulcain engine core.  These highly stressed components operate in an extreme thermal and dynamic environment.  The Vulcain engine supports are fully flight qualified and are now in series production at our facility. 

Following from the success of the Vulcain engine activities, Moog Dublin was again selected for the Vinci Engine structural supports development programme. The Vinci engine is a new re-ignitable cryogenic engine, which will be used on the Ariane 5ME and Ariane 6 upper stages. This programme is ongoing and will be complete for the first qualification flight scheduled for 2018.

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Moog Dublin Limited offers a complete service from design concept through development and qualification, to series production of flight and ground hardware.  With our extensive experience on major international programmes, we can provide total solutions for your space and aerospace needs. Our flexible engineering team is experienced in design applications for extreme launcher and space flight environments. 

Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology
  • Launchers

Technology Domains

  • Materials and processes
  • Propulsion

Main Space related products, services and projects

Our manufacturing expertise in the production of precision assemblies in a wide variety of materials, including Inconel and Titanium, and to the highest quality standards has been proven time and time again.  Our production team is experienced in delivering precision components for structural, propulsion and fluid control applications. 

Moog Dublin manages a supply chain in full compliance to our Quality Management System and AS9100 Rev C.  Operating only with fully audited and certified suppliers who have significant applicable industrial experience, Moog Dublin also carries several customer approvals.  Our in-house SARA agents acting for Snecma Moteurs approve hardware deliveries straight to the assembly and integration hall. 

Developments focussing on vibration control for satellite applications, known as ‘payload comfort’ are ongoing at Moog Dublin.  This makes use of the heritage at our sister company Moog CSA Engineering, through a technology transfer program.  In the extreme dynamic launcher environment, vibration control devices keep the sensitive satellite equipment isolated from potentially damaging loads generated by the accelerating and aerodynamic behaviour during flight. 

Other planned developments involve the application of additive manufacturing technologies to meet the exacting standards of space environments.  Additive layer manufacturing techniques are evolving and Moog is exploring applications that take advantage of the process ability to generate fully complete complex structures.

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