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Office Location & Contact Details

Farran Technology
Unit 1
Airport East Business Technology Park
Farmers Cross

Martin Fehilly
Managing Director

Martin Fehilly

Tom Scanlon
Sales & Marketing Manager

Tom Scanlon



Farran Technology has been providing quality and cost-effective millimeter-wave (mmWave) product solutions for over 35 years serving all geographical areas.

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Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • RF Payload and Systems


Farran engineering core competence has enabled the company to maintain a leading edge in the design and manufacture of components and Subsystems, at operating frequencies from 18 GHz to 3 THz.

Farran’s strength is to adapt and change to emerging markets with products seen in a range of diverse applications such as frequency sources, frequency extension, radar, imaging, communications and aerospace.

As well as servicing an extensive range of mmWave components, the evolution of the complexity of future earth observation satellite payloads has created a demand for technical solutions in the mmWave and sub-mmWave spectrums.

Main Space related products, services and projects

Farran has for many years been a world leader in design of specialized radiometers, which are used to monitor the earths resources and weather patterns. The science of earth observation from space is demanding radiometers at higher frequencies beyond 300 GHz.

Farran is actively involved with research projects, funded by the European Space Agency ( ESA), to develop new semiconductor components to meet this demand. These are used to engineer space-qualified subsystems.

Other applications for this technology are terrestrial pollution monitoring, including detection of oil slicks at sea.

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