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An Choill Rua
Co. Galway

Dr. Conchúr Ó Brádaigh
Joint Managing Director

Dr. Conchúr Ó Brádaigh

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ÉireComposites Teo. is an innovative design, manufacturing and testing company, involved in lightweight, high performance, fibre-reinforced composite materials, with an international customer base in space, aerospace and industrial composites. 

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Service Domains

  • Launchers
  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • Materials and Processes


ÉireComposites offers its customers an integrated service including accredited design, innovative tooling, manufacturing and testing in a single organisation. The company is delivering composite components and assemblies for international aerospace programmes, and participates in important European Union R&D programmes in the aerospace sector. 

Aerospace customers include Airbus, Bombardier Aerospace, Aircelle, Aernnova, Eurocopter and material suppliers such as Toray, Cytec, Hexcel, ACG etc.

Main Space related products, services and projects

Aerospace processes include layup and autoclave manufacturing of thermoset prepregs, Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) of thermoset composites and press-forming of thermoplastic composites.  Ancillary processes include C-Scan and A-Scan non-destructive testing, trimming, secondary bonding/assembly and painting and finishing.

Facilities include;

  • 2.5 metre diameter x 6.0 metres long autoclave, 10 bar pressure, 250 ºC
  • 100 tonne double-daylight press, platen sizes 1.5 metre x 0.5 metre, 450ºC
  • Infrared rapid heating system for press-forming of thermoplastic composites
  • 80 tonne single-daylight press, platen sizes 1.0 metre x 1.0 metre, 200ºC
  • Calibrated aerospace oven, 2.0m x 2.0m x 2.0m, 200 ºC
  • 0.6 metre diameter x 1.2 metre autoclave, 20 bar pressure, 450 ºC
  • RTM machines - single and multi-part systems, pressure-pot system, up to 120ºC
  • Refrigerated store - calibrated to aerospace standards
  • 287 sqm clean rooms - calibrated to 100K
  • 2 Paint booths - calibrated to aerospace standards
  • Grit blasting unit - calibrated to aerospace standards

The company is engaged in several ESA and industry-funded research and development activities focused on the application of novel thermoplastic composites (TPCs) and processes to space structures.  The aims are to provide a) Lower-cost, out-of-autoclave manufacturing methods for large TPC structures; and b) Lower-mass, highly-engineered TPC replacements for complex metal structures.

The company operates from a 6,000 sq. metre facility in Galway, Ireland, and is accredited to Nadcap, EN/AS 9100 and ISO 9001-2000 for composites design, manufacturing and non-destructive testing.  Subsidiary company, Composites Testing Laboratory, is accredited to ISO 17025 for testing of composite materials and structures.

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