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Eblana Photonics
Trinity Enterprise Centre
Pearse Street
Dublin 2



Eblana Photonics manufacture laser diode products for the space, medical, sensor and optical comunications industries.

The company was founded in 2001 and since then has established itself as the leading European high volume supplier of high performance semiconductor lasers delivering technical and commercial advantages to its diverse customer base.

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Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • Optoelectronics


Eblana is engaged in several research and development contracts with both the European Space Agency and the EU, supplying specialised laser products built on Eblana’s proprietary Discrete Mode (DM) technology and expertise.

As well as delivering superior Laser diode products that exploit a flexible proprietary technology platform, Eblana has a wealth of experience relating to all aspects of design, manufacture, test & characterisation of semiconductor laser diodes. Consequently the company is able to offer wide range of services on all aspects of laser design and test for a wide range of applications. This expertise has led to recent developments in integration of lasers diodes with other optical elements such as amplifiers and phase modulators etc. Also in the telecoms sphere the concept of laser arrays has been realised giving rise to widely tunable products particularly for the telecom industry.

Specifically, Eblana Photonics lasers are used in the following applications:

  • Atomic Clocks
  • Gas Sensing
  • Medical Imaging
  • High speed Optical Communications

Main Space related products, services and projects

Eblana produces both Fabry Perot (multi-mode) and Discrete Mode (single wavelength) lasers with characteristics tailored to the individual application’s requirements. Key features include the following:

  • Narrow Linewidth Lasers delivering linewidths of < 100khz
  • DM lasers operating uncooled from -40~85°C mode hop free
  • Typical SMSR > 40dB (DM laser)
  • Wavelengths from 685nm to 2150nm
  • Fabry Perot Laser modules with >30mW power  in the Fiber
  • Disruptive Proprietary  Technology Platform
    - Wide wavelength coverage
    - Visible - near IR- Mid IR (Quantum Cascade)  ultra narrow line-width laser diodes 

Packaging options include:

  • Butterfly (with Temperature Control)
  • DX1 Module (Laser integrated with all control electronics)
  • Coaxial Module
  • TOSA
  • TO-Can (with & without Temperature Control)
  • Chip on Submount

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