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Eblana Photonics Ltd.
3 West Pier Campus
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin



Eblana Photonics was founded in 2001 and has its origins in advanced research programmes in photonics involving Ireland's leading Universities and Research Centres including Trinity College Dublin and the National Microelectronics Research Centre (now Tyndall National Institute). Eblana was established out of a common desire to commercialise a scalable laser manufacturing technology platform which had the capacity to drive down the cost of high performance, single wavelength lasers for diverse mass market applications.

Eblana Photonics is a leading supplier of single mode laser diodes for the telecom and optical gas sensing markets. Eblana’s products exploit a proprietary Photonic Bandgap Engineering technology from which Eblana derives a complete product portfolio. Eblana provides single mode laser products in all the main communications wavelength bands (λ = 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, 1610nm) and at short (λ = 633, 689, 760, 780 nm) and in the mid-IR (λ = 1877, 2004, 2051nm 2400nm) wavelengths for space and sensor applications. Eblana also have developed a narrow linewidth ~100kHz products in the 1550nm spectral range for LIDAR and sensing applications

Specifically, Eblana Photonics lasers are used in the following applications:

  • Optical Atomic Clocks
  • Gas Sensing
  • Medical Imaging
  • High speed Optical Communications
  • Lidar

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Overview of discrete mode technology

Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • Optoelectronics


Eblana Photonics has worked with ESA on 5 projects since 2008 and has extensive laser design and laser manufacturing capabilities of laser diodes for space applications and has developed in-house as well as commercial laser diode software for example Rsoft LaserMod, for active region optimisation. Beamprop for waveguide simulations and Simulase for gain calculations.

Eblana has a complete laser diode test laboratory for evaluating the performance and reliability of single mode laser diodes from the visible to MIR wavelength region. The test facility is fully computer-instrumented and logs a host of diode parameters which include: optical power, optical spectra, diode voltage and current, temperature.

Eblana has built a variety of workstations serving specific tasks and having the following test capabilities:

  • Laser diode bar testing.
  • Life testing of laser diodes.
  • Optical and electrical characteristics of LDs.
  • Spectral linewidth, RIN.
  • High speed modulation tests.
  • Computer control and data acquisition for all workstations is done using custom-built software on the LabVIEW platform. All of the measurements are automated, and data is recorded for any post processing and documentation. 

Main Space related products, services and projects

Eblana has participated in 5 ESA contracts:

  • 2008-2011 Provision of a laser diode platform for optical atomic frequency standards,
  • 2011-2012 GSTP Design study for future optical atomic frequency standards and optical atomic clocks in space,
  • 2013-2015 Versatile High-Fidelity Reference Gas Cell as Laser Wavelength Stabilisation Unit for DIAL Measurements of Atmospheric Trace Gases.
  • 2015-2017 GSTP Narrow linewidth laser diode at 689nm for Strontium second stage cooling.
  • 2016-2018 GSTP STIFS Space Time and Frequency Standard.
  • 2018-2021 GSTP Cools project: Compact Optical Clock Laser.

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