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Office Location & Contact Details

Unit 5, Richview Office Park,
Clonskeagh Road, 
Dublin 14,

Daniel Gleeson
Space Business Development Manager

Danny Gleeson



Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics (Ireland) is a world-leading supplier of data systems to the global space and aerospace market with proven flight heritage. 


Modular, Ruggedized, Data Acquisition, Data Handling, Networking, Recording and  Ground Station Telemetry Visualization and Processing Systems for the Aerospace & Space market.

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Service Domains

  • Launchers
  • Satellite Technology
  • Human Spaceflight

Technology Domains

  • On Board Data Systems

Main Space related products, services and projects

  • KAM-500:Modular data acquisition, telemetry and recording system designed for harsh space environments where mass and power are limited.
  • Modular: Over 100 plug-in modules including sensor signal conditioning, avionics bus monitors, video compression, GPS, IRIG time code, BIT and integrated solid-state memory; IRIG-106, Ethernet, Mil-STD-1553 & CAN Bus output.
  • Networked: Ethernet switches and recorders built for  environments.
  • Recording: Multi-role solid state recorders with modular data acquisition cards and integrated timing.
  • DAS-Studio - Setup software for DAU, n/w switches, recorders & ground stations.
  • GTS-500: Telemetry Ground Station with IRIG-106 bit-sync / decom,  demodulation, smart source selection and forward error correction.
  • GS-Works: real-time and post-flight visualization and processing software, developed for the telemetry control room environment.


  • State Machine: Clock cycle limited, No Internal Software, FPGA implementation of all functions. Work once, work always.  Radiation tolerant to soft SEE.
  • Channel Conversion: Each individual channel is digitized independently (16 bit) with programmable gain & offsets.
  • Digital Signal Processing: All data processed in the digital domain - including digital filtering.
  • Digital Backplane: All data communicated via high speed digital bus.
  • Scalable: Complex data acquisition systems can be built using interconnected networked units with synchronised sampling of sensor inputs for all


  • Thermal Vacuum: -40ºC to +85ºC at <1 x 10-5mbar
  • Radiation: 5000 Rad Si Total Dose
  • Thermo-Mechanical: MIL-STD-810F
  • EMC: MIL-STD-461D


ESA development contracts:

  • Data Acquisition System for Space and Ground Environments.
  • Data Acquisition System for Launchers and Re-Entry Vehicles.
  • CAN-Bus Interface Module & I2C Sensor Bus Module.
  • IXV Data Handling System.
  • ACLS (ISS) Data Handling System.
  • PLDR (ISS) Data Handling System.

Other contracts:

  • Boeing Delta-II launcher Data Handling Equipment.
  • SpaceX Falcon 9 launcher Data Handling Equipment.
  • SpaceX Dragon Re-Entry Vehicle Data Handling Equipment.
  • NASA MSFC Shuttle SRB, CEV / CRV, X-37 ALTV.
  • Virgin Galactic SpaceShip 1 & Spaceship 2 Data Handling Equipment.

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