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Arralis Ltd.
Tierney Building 
University of Limerick



Arralis enables the next generation of autonomous vision and high data rate communications (5G) by scaling millimetre wave (mmwave) technology. We are a rapidly scaling company with world leading expertise in RF, micro and mmwave sectors.

We excel in Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs), packaged component modules, proprietary antenna technology and integrated Radar and Communications front-end platforms. Our core focus to date has been in W band where we are the world leader at the highly desirable attenuation window of 94GHz, which allows the development of very high resolution radar (applications include autonomous automotive, helicopter landing, space) and massive data rate wireless communications. Emerging products across mmwave from Ka to W-band are coming to market on a monthly basis.

Our products, which are the ultimate in precision and innovation, are used in both global and space environments where accuracy and reliability are critical. Arralis provide the Invisible Edge to some of the world’s largest aerospace, defense and communications companies..

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  • Developing Chips (MMICs), Integrated Sub-systems (modules) and smart antennas from 1 to 110GHz
  • Fully integrated Radar, Communications and Geo-Location (GNSS) Front-ends.

Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • RF Payload and Systems

Main Space related products, services and projects

  • High Frequency MMIC chipsets on the edge of world leading fabrication processes..
  • Smart antenna solutions with a specialization in flat beam steering antennas. Current smart antenna solutions for GNSS, Ka and W band; applications including unmanned landing, space debris collision avoidance, satellite communications and geo-location.
  • Integrated packaging solutions from QFN to low loss modules.

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