Pilot Clustering Programme Phase 2 Claims

The Pilot Clustering Programme Phase 2 grant is used to support the costs of Facilitation and Implementation of a project undertaken by an industry led group. Eligible expenditures that can be claimed include; Salaries and Overheads, Consultancy Fees, Trade Fair Costs, Foreign Travel and Subsistence and Prototype and Materials.

Note: Only the Lead Company as stated in the Letter of Offer can submit a claim on behalf of the group.


50% Upfront Payment

50% of the grant approved can be paid at the beginning of the project subject to the cluster submitting project initiation details that includes the following;

  1. Evidence that the Project Facilitator has been appointed e.g. copy of employment contract or consultant contract to work on the agreed cluster project
  2. Full details of how the Group is proposing to match the EI grant contribution e.g. specific employee time (broken down by company); details of any non-salary costs;  cash contributions by members of the Group etc.;
  3. Submission of a detailed project plan To include clear outline of how the project will be structured and managed;  project scoping engagement between participants; visibility on progress meetings scheduled between participants of the Group;  implementation schedule; monitoring and evaluation of the project etc.
  4. Tax clearance certificate for the lead company/organisation or network (the Payee) 
  5. Bank Details for Payment by EFT [word format] for the lead company.

This information must be sent in hard copy to

The Manager - Grant Payments Unit
Enterprise Ireland
The Plaza
East Point Business Park
Dublin 3

All payments will be made to the nominated lead company/organisation or network as identified in the initial application.


Additional Claims:

Additional claims will be paid retrospectively i.e. once the cluster has incurred the costs and submitted a valid claim using the following documents. The first claim (after the upfront payment) must include details and proof of payments associated with both the Enterprise Ireland upfront payment and the associated matched funding from the cluster. E.G. If you were provided with €50k upfront payment for the project from Enterprise Ireland you must submit a valid claim for at least €100k in your next claim accounting for the expenditure on the project .

All forms must be SAVED, TYPED, PRINTED and then POSTED to Enterprise Ireland.


Step 1- Download and Review the Grant Claim Checklist

The Pilot Clustering Programme - Phase 2 Grant Claim Checklist provides a detailed description of all relevant forms and supporting documentation required to submit a valid claim. Please download and review the checklist before preparing your claim to ensure that you have all the relevant documentation to hand when completing the claim.

Pilot Clustering Programme Phase 2 Grant Claim Checklist [word format]


Step 2 - Download and Complete the Required Forms

Pilot Clustering Programme Phase 2 Claim Form [excel fomat]

Pilot Clustering Programme Phase 2 Progress Report Template [template to follow shortly]

Pilot Clustering Programme Phase 2 Director Statement 

Pilot Clustering Programme Phase 2 - Employee Time Sheet Template [excel format]

Bank Details for Payment by EFT [word format] Only require if you are a first time Grantee or if you have not previously provided bank details to Enterprise Ireland Finance Department for Electronic Fund Trasfers]


Step 3 - Submit Claim by Post

Once the claim has been prepared please submit along with the completed Pilot Clustering Programme Phase 2 Grant Claim Checklist by post - before the Final Claim Date - to:

The Manager - Grant Payments Unit
Enterprise Ireland
The Plaza
East Point Business Park
Dublin 3


What Happens Next - Claim Processing by Enterprise Ireland Grant Payments Unit

  • Your claim will be assigned to a Grant Payment Officer who will review the documtentation to ensure that it includes all required forms and documentation. If any required information is missing the Payment Officer will may 1) suspend the claim and request outstanding information or 2) if significant documentation is missing or the Final Claim date has expired your claim may be returned as invalid.
  • If all is in order, the claimed expenditure and associated proof of payment will be desk inspected and passed to the Programme Manager for sign-off.
  • The payment officer completes the authorisation of your claim and submits a payment request to our Finance Department. You can opt to have your grant paid directly into your bank account or by cheque.
  • A letter will issue via email from Grant Payments with details of the approved payment and advising that payment will follow shortly.