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Note: This programme is now closed.
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The objective of Graduates 4 International Growth is to assist companies with ambitious growth plans in key markets to acquire a graduate market research resource and possible future business development capability.

Companies that are supported will create one or more entry level graduate market researcher position(s) for an 18 month period. Graduate market researchers will work overseas for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months to complete a project related to companies’ growth plans in the overseas market.

Please note that G4IG is closed for applications.  The deadline for receipt of applications was 3pm on Friday 10th March, 2017.

Graduates will work within an infrastructure that supports them, both in their development and in the completion of this project, for the duration of the programme. Prior to the overseas element of the programme, Graduates will spend 6 months in Ireland. During this initial induction period, Graduates will attend 12 days of skills modules delivered by the IMI while working with companies.  On completion of the G4IG programme, Graduates will have attained a prestigious academic award (a Postgraduate Diploma in International Business Development) equivalent to 60 credits on the National Qualifications Framework awarded by University College Cork. 


How will this benefit my company?

By bringing a graduate into your company through the Programme, you will have the opportunity to expand your business and to gain market research for a potential market.

  • The G4IG programme enables Irish indigenous companies to compete with other well known branded companies in attracting capable young graduates through a national Enterprise Ireland campaign
  • The programme assists companies address new market opportunities; expand existing market opportunities or introduce new products in to existing markets with the assistance of a competent/developed and supported graduate
  • The G4IG programme enables the graduates to participate in a structured/accredited graduate development programme, linked to the successful implementation of the company’s project
  • The involvement in this programme is financially supported by Enterprise Ireland for successful client companies as follows:
    • Support for the training costs in the IMI; and grant aid towards the graduate employment for 18 months (to include a minimum 6 months overseas placement and block release to attend the IMI programme).
    • The IMI will provide structured outreach support to graduates while overseas, through distance learning platforms and regular Skype calls to monitor progress
    • The IMI will provide a one day training session to in-company mentors on how to link the learning the graduate receives in the IMI, to achieve best results for the company in delivery of their project in line with company KPIs
  • The programme will grow potential young management capability for Irish SMEs in export markets.


Am I eligible?

Graduates 4 International Growth is open to all manufacturing and internationally traded services companies.

In addition to the above, companies must satisfy all of the below criteria:

  • Have a minimum of 10 employees
  • Turnover of at least 1 million
  • Be generating sales for at least 2 years


Ineligible companies:

  • Food companies and/or food ingredient companies with graduate projects targeting foods for human consumption or horticulture companies as Bord Bia is seen as providing an alternative solution for graduates in this area.
  • Companies who have received High Potential Start Up Funding in the past 3 years.


What activities are eligible?

Market research activities against a specific project in a specific market that fits in with the company’s overall strategic development plan.

The market research is for;

  • a new product in a new market
  • a new product in a existing market
  • an existing product in a new market

Activities that support the development of the graduate specifically in relation to the graduate attaining the Postgraduate Diploma in International Business Development.


Ineligible Activities:

  • Activities relating to foods for human consumption or horticulture.
  • Investigations on the feasibility of expanding (either solely or primarily) domestic market activities.
  • Activities relating to export aid which includes, for example, any support towards the setting up of an overseas office, the setting up of a distribution network, or any costs which could subsidise the unit costs of the final product or service.


What are the eligible costs and maximum funding levels?

Both the programme costs and salary costs are eligible costs.

Programme costs cover costs associated with the Postgraduate Diploma in International Business Development, of up to €7,000 for each graduate who is on the programme and are funded at 100%. There is a limit of three graduates per company that can be supported on the programme.

Salary costs are costs directly associated with the payment of a salary to a graduate and are capped at a maximum of €60,000 over 18 months which is 50% funded (i.e. max grant of €30,000).

Both SMEs and Large companies are eligible to receive salary support in the form of an employment grant. SMEs are entitled to receive this grant for up to two market researchers and large companies are entitled to receive the grant for one market researcher only. Both SMEs and large companies will be funded at 50% on eligible company salary costs over 18 months.

Salary Eligible Cost by Company
Maximum Eligible Company Salary Costs per graduate (Large companies one graduate; SMEs up to two  graduates)€60,000
Company Employment Grant Rate at 50%€30,000

All funding is subject to the company not exceeding the permitted De Minimis limit of €200,000 over 3 fiscal years.


How do I apply/Call close date?

G4IG is closed for applications.  The deadline for receipt of applications was 3pm on Friday 10th March, 2017.


How do I hire a graduate?

Eligible graduates:

G4IG is open to include graduates of all disciplines who fit the required criteria below;

  • Seeking graduate entry level market research positions;
  • Willing to relocate to an overseas market, as advised by participating companies, for a minimum of 6 months and up to 12 months, and to have the necessary language skills for that market;
  • Have a recognised undergraduate degree not less than Level 8 (minimum grade 2:2) on National Vocational Qualifications Framework, or recognised equivalent, or a Postgraduate degree not less than Level 9 of the National Vocational Qualifications Framework, or recognised equivalent;
  • Have been awarded that qualification in 2015, 2016 or 2017;
  • Have a valid work permit to work in Ireland (if required) to cover the 6 month period in which the Diploma in International Business Development Modules will take place.

Where language competency is required (outside of English speaking markets), graduates will need to illustrate appropriate fluency. Appropriate language capability is deemed to be (1) equivalent of the language component in a mixed undergraduate degree, i.e. marketing and languages or (2) a native speaker.


Ineligible graduates:

  • Graduates who cannot provide evidence of having reached the required academic standard on the National Vocational Qualifications Framework or demonstrate equivalence;
  • Graduates/Postgraduates from a graduating year other than 2015/2016/2017;
  • Graduates who do not at time of application have a valid work permit to work in Ireland.

Final assessment of academic eligibility rests with the IMI Registrar’s office.


Does the graduate need any additional resources from companies?

To ensure the graduate has adequate support to complete the programme, you will need:

  • Appropriate structures in place in the overseas market; and
  • A person from within the company to act as a mentor to the graduate while in Ireland and overseas.

Prior to the start of the programme, the IMI will hold a training/induction session for the in company mentor on mentoring and remote management of the graduate. This will take place in the IMI in September 2017. The company mentor is required to attend this session.

Over the course of the Programme, the IMI will also provide structured outreach support to graduates while overseas, through distance learning platforms and regular Skype calls to monitor progress.


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