Regional Development Feasibility Fund 2020

Regional Development Feasibility Fund 2020

A feasibility grant of €15,000 or 50% of eligible costs, whichever is lesser, available to eligible approved applicants who meet the funding criteria and achieve a minimum score of 60 per category. The Regional Development Feasibility fund is to help promoters investigate the viability of Regional and Sectoral Development projects and prepare final submissions for consideration. The feasibility costs cover consultancy costs and the international travel and subsistence costs of promoter(s).  Funding to be allocated through an open call process, based on eligibility, quality of the proposal, potential forecasted economic impact, value for money, and need for support. 


Apply via the Enterprise Ireland Online Application System.


Prior to applying you must do the following:

Any expenditure incurred prior to receipt of the application by Enterprise Ireland will not be eligible for grant aid. Applications will be received and approved on an on-going basis.

Evaluation Process

Applications for Feasibility Grants will be screened against the stated eligibility criteria and successful applications will be approved by the Enterprise Ireland Regional Team, within two weeks of the application being received.

All applications will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Evaluation Criteria



Quality of Feasibility Proposal



Value for Money & Economic Impact



Need for support





For more information, contact the following Enterprise Ireland Regional Executives based in your location:


Eoghan Hanrahan+353 1 727 2289

Deirdre O'Neill  +353 1 727 2145

Ena Coleman +353 1 727 2787


Martin Corkery   +353 21 480 0229

Brian Fives  +353 51 333 537

Midlands and Mid-East

Michael Brougham +353 90 648 7121

James Maloney   +353 90 648 7125

Mark Atterbury  +353 90 648 7128


Martin Corkery   +353 21 480 0229

Ciara Concannon  +353 21 480 0231

Jacqui Norton    +353 21 480 0228

Mid-West & Kerry

Jerry Moloney +353 61 777 018

Catherine Hogan  +353 61 777 009

Harriet Cotter  +353 61 777 015


Burga Fullam+353 91 735 929

Margaret Charleton  +353 91 735 946


Aidan McKenna +353 42 935 4420

Carole Brenan   +353 71 915 9726

Joan Mullen  +353 71 9159732


Aidan McKenna +353 42 935 4420

Anne Caldwell   +353 42 935 4429

Deirdre Craven  +353 42 935 4426

Or your local Regional Enterprise Ireland office.

Note: Enterprise Ireland will not release any information received except as may be required by law, including the Freedom of Information Act 2014. In the event of a Freedom of Information request, the proposer will be given reasonable advance notice in order to contest such disclosure.


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