Ian Nolan, CEO & Founder, Brightflag

The Competitive Start Fund enabled Ian Nolan to complete the initial builds of the Brightflag platform. CEO and founder, Ian Nolan outlines his top tips for applying for the fund.

Ian Nolan Brightflag
Ian Nolan, CEO & Founder, Brightflag

Brightflag is an AI- platform for large organisations to analyse their legal costs.  It helps large companies like Uber, Telstra and Rimini Street control their legal costs with artifical intelligence.


Challenges in the first year of business

The main challenges are hiring the right people to build the business.  I was lucky that I found my co-founder Alex Kelly very early and that we worked well together.


Applying for the Competitive Start Fund

There are limited sources in Ireland for funding at very earliest stages -  when you may be very early in the product/team/customer development.  The Competitive Start Fund gave us the runway to finish building our product and get our initial customers on board.  


Growing Brightflag 

Winning the Competitive Start Fund allowed us to complete the initial builds of the Brightflag platform and roll it out to our earliest customers.  This was key to getting early revenues and ultimately putting us in a position to allow us to raise larger sums of venture capital to accelerate further.


Applying for the Competitive Start Fund 

I think the key is to show you are creating a genuinely global business that has the ambition to become world class.  Be ambitious in what you are trying to achieve, and then show a logical path of how you will get there.

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