CheckVentory - Adrian Walsh

CheckVentory is an AI powered inventory management platform for eliminating risk in the automotive finance and distribution market. Here, founder Adrian Walsh outlines why he applied for Enterprise Ireland’s Competitive Start Fund (CSF) and shares his advice on making the application.

Adrian Walsh CheckVentory
Adrian Walsh, CheckVentory
Challenges in the first year of business

Every day brings new challenges. Thankfully when starting a business, enthusiasm blinds you to the wall of challenges ahead of you. Money, credibility, capability, market access, communications are all daily challenges. However, the little wins along the way give you a huge 'leg up' to get over the wall.

One major challenge we encountered was attracting talent. We were trying to build a team that would sacrifice secure jobs for a start-up idea. Thankfully, we attracted gifted believers who are all still working with CheckVentory today. 


Validation from a trusted brand

I completed the New Frontiers programme and CSF was a natural progression. Going through the CSF preparation process helped get us investor ready, which ultimately allowed us to grow.

Apart from the funding which was a massive financial boost, securing CSF gave us huge credibility; getting validation from a trusted brand like Enterprise Ireland speaks volumes to our target market.


Advice for those considering applying for the CSF

What’s to consider, just do it!

Securing CSF was a vital step in the right direction for CheckVentory. The key is to demonstrate effectively that you have a plan in place that will take your idea to market, with support of the fund.


Scaling internationally

It’s been five years since CheckVentory was established, and we are now seeing great traction and growth. Our business is starting to scale internationally. The start-up journey is not a short one, but the CSF definitely supported us on our growth trajectory.


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