Caroline Gleeson - BidRecruit

BidRecruit is an innovative, unique platform that cuts time-consuming tasks and makes recruitment efficient and effective. Here, company founder, Caroline Gleeson outlines how CSF enabled BidRecruit to develop from idea to business reality:

Caroline Gleeson BidRecruit
Caroline Gleeson, BidRecruit
What we do

We're on a mission to make recruiting easy! BidRecruit is smart, fast and cost-effective recruiting software for HR & Hiring Managers. Using A.I. and automation technology, BidRecruit ties together three steps to successful hiring: engage, manage and report; which enable users to make real savings in their hiring process. Essentially, BidRecruit simplifies difficult and time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on finding the right person first time round.


The challenges of year 1

Our biggest challenge was getting funding. With a tech company you must front-load a lot of the costs because you have to build the tech before you can sell it! Myself and my co-founder invested heavily in the initial stages, but we soon needed funding to grow the business. It's very difficult to get a bank loan at such an early stage of business. Luckily, there are opportunities here for government supports and grants to help new businesses.


Applying for CSF – why and how

There was a double incentive for us to apply for and receive CSF; monetary investment into the company, which was essential, and the opportunity to work with Enterprise Ireland and the extensive team of experts that comes with it.

The CSF monetary investment allowed us to make new hires and ultimately push our product to market which resulted in an 85% increase in sales. In terms of the start-up network and mentoring, the CSF programme is great validation for you, your team and your business. It can de-risk your business and make you more attractive to investors. It also puts you on track for the HPSU programme.


What advice would you give someone considering applying for the CSF?

Outline a realistic business plan and demonstrate how you intend to take your product to international markets.


Next steps for BidRecruit

CSF was instrumental in key steps we’ve taken as a business; we've just raised our first investment round with Enterprise Ireland's HPSU programme, and we've grown our team by 300%. Next steps is about growth and launching into new international markets. 


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