Skills Voucher (Software Development)

Please  note: this offer is no longer available


Skills Voucher (Software Development): The core objective is to encourage continuous capability building in core software development skills in our client base.

This offer aims to address this issue by:

  • Helping to fund companies to free up some senior developers’ time to up-skill less experienced people in the company.
  • Focusing on how technology skills are best learned – using a combination of an in-house trainer/mentor, learning by doing and peer learning rather than traditional classroom based learning.
  • The goal is to support skills update within the company, through internal training but the training time must focus on transferrable skills rather than internal systems (i.e. learning the technology, rather than the product).
  • The time spent by the trainer can be covered, but the trainee’s time is not eligible. The trainee can of course be working on the company product / service.

Skills Voucher (Software Development) is not just for Software companies!
Manufacturing, Food and internationally traded services companies with internal software development teams can avail of funding to implement a peer to peer software development training project.

The maximum Skills Voucher expenditure which a grant is allowable against is €6,250. The company must contribute 20% of the capability costs in kind and the remaining costs are eligible for grant aid to a maximum grant of €5,000 (or 80% of eligible expenditure whichever is the lesser).

Am I eligible?

Skills Voucher (Software Development) is open to HPSU and small and medium companies that are Enterprise Ireland clients. Companies can only apply for one Skills Voucher (Software Development) in a 12 month period. 

Large companies are not eligible to apply.

What costs are eligible and what is the maximum funding available?

The typical cost of undertaking a Skills Voucher (Software Development) assignment is €6,250. 

The maximum grant funding available from Enterprise Ireland is €5,000. 

Eligible Expenditure is limited to internal trainers only.

The maximum daily fee payable to an internal trainer is €200 and total maximum of 25 days.

Salary costs for the nominated Internal Trainer(s) are eligible for the time spent engaged in training up to a maximum rate of €200/day. Personnel costs are calculated as gross salaries exclusive of employer’s PRSI but inclusive of employee’s PRSI contribution. Additional overheads incurred directly as a result of the project are eligible. This is calculated as a fixed % of salaries and is limited to 25% of the allowable salary costs.

Note: Receipt of other grants from Enterprise Ireland may impact on your eligibility for support under this initiative.

What are the call close dates?

There are no call close dates. The process is not competitive and is approved by Enterprise Ireland management.

How do I apply?

All applications for funding should be discussed with your Enterprise Ireland Adviser prior to submission.  

You can apply via the Enterprise Ireland Online Application System. New Applicants (not registered on the online system) will be required to register on the Enterprise Ireland Online Application System.

Prior to applying you must do the following:

Contact your assigned Enterprise Ireland Adviser to discuss your application.

If the company has already initiated a Skills Voucher (Software Development) assignment before submitting an application to Enterprise Ireland, the application and associated expenditure will not be accepted.

Key contact/more information

For more information, please contact your Enterprise Ireland Adviser.  If you are not a client, please contact your nearest Enterprise Ireland Regional Office.

For enquiries about the Skills Voucher (Software Development) offer, please contact:

Ruairí Ó hAilín

Enterprise Ireland
01 727 2479 
Ruairí Ó hAilín

Ray Walsh

Enterprise Ireland
01 727 2118
Ray Walsh