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Big Data - Background to the Opportunity for Companies

Big DataData is the raw material for our information age.  Companies across many sectors are looking at Big Data - from financial services to fighting cancer, from telecommunications to traffic congestion, from entertainment to energy supply and from media to manufacturing. 

It is estimated that data collected and generated by companies and governments is growing by approximately 40% per year. Global companies that smartly leverage this data have created significant value; estimates suggest 4% higher productivity, 6% higher profitability, and up to 50% greater market share.

Big Data – A Government Priority

The Irish Government’s Action Plan for Jobs 2013 has identified “Big Data” as one of the areas where Ireland has distinct advantages compared to other countries.  The Government believes our skills base and research capability in ICT has the potential to reap substantial benefits in terms of jobs and growth from the global expansion of the “Big Data” sector. 


Big Data – Research Capability in Ireland

Ireland has been and continues to invest heavily in research capability that services Big Data needs.  Just some examples the research capabilities include: 

  • The INSIGHT Centre - The National Centre for Data Analytics
  • CeADAR - National Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research
  • ICHEC - The Irish Centre for High-End Computing
  • TSSG - Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG)


Big Data – Collaboration supported with Innovation Partnership Funding

Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Programme can provide up to 80% of the cost of a research project, to work with the research groups named above and others in Irish research institutions, on a Big Data project defined by your company, to help your company.  Projects funded through this call could serve as examples of the potential of this technology area and encourage further collaborations.


Big Data – Next Steps for your company

To discuss how a Big Data project could transform you business, please contact Declan McGee, Enterprise Ireland.



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