Building Information Modelling

Enterprise Ireland offer’s two levels of support for clients who wish to scope out and then implement a digital roadmap to drive growth.

BIM-Enable is a 7-day strategic consultancy programme which assists companies to set out a digital roadmap and consider how they can apply BIM within their organisation. This programme is designed to heighten BIM awareness across all of a company’s business functions and deliver a bespoke roadmap to Level 2 BIM proficiency.

BIM-Implement - BIM-Implement places an emphasis on training and the learning and implementation of BIM across the organisation. This programme strongly supports knowledge transfer with the aim of equipping staff with the competencies required to successfully manage a BIM project which includes giving them a deeper understanding of supply chain implications.


What costs are eligible and what is the maximum funding available?



The typical cost of undertaking a BIM-Enable assignment is €8,400. The company pays the first €2,100 and Enterprise Ireland provides grant funding for the outstanding costs to a maximum of €6,300. Eligible expenditure is limited to the cost of hiring a BIM consultant for a maximum of 7 days. The maximum daily fee payable to a consultant is €1,200 inclusive of travel and subsistence and all out-of-pocket expenses.



This grant can be used to support the eligible expenditure associated with:

  1. the appointment of an approved BIM Trainer and
  2. employee participation in BIM training to develop capability within each organisation to achieve BIM Level 2 compliance.

Companies must be able to demonstrate the capability and commitment to successfully complete the BIM-Implement assignment (e.g. by having successfully completed an Enterprise Ireland BIM-Enable project or having existing experience and capability in implementing BIM). The project must demonstrate how BIM methodology and the culture and practice of business improvement will be embedded in the company. The application must include a detailed BIM organisational training plan.

BIM specialist training fees are supported to €900 per day Standard Training inclusive of travel and subsistence and all out-of-pocket expenses. The maximum eligible employee training cost is €1,000 per week per employee.



Company SizeGross cost* (€)Grant - Funding rate (%)Grant - Max funding (€)


Company SizeGross cost* (€)Grant - Funding rate (%)Grant - Max funding (€)

*gross cost upper limit recognised as eligible for calculation of grant.

**in this case, eligible expenditure is limited to the cost of hiring an approved BIM consultant for a maximum of 7 days (up to maximum daily fee of €1,200 including travel and expenses, towards which the grant is €900/day). Client pays the first €2,100, even if gross cost is less than €8,400.


Am I eligible?

BIM-Enable and BIM-Implement is open to SME’s and large companies that are Enterprise Ireland clients.

If you are interested in becoming an Enterprise Ireland client company, please click here.


How do I apply?

All applications for funding should be discussed with your Enterprise Ireland Adviser prior to submission.

You can apply via the Enterprise Ireland Online Application System.

Prior to applying you must do the following:

To be valid for support, applications must be submitted before the project begins.


Where can I find a suitable training provider?

The below directory provides you with an overview and link to each training provider on their expertise and experience with BIM projects.

For BIM-Enable grants, a consultant on the approved list must be used.

For BIM-Implement, there is the option of using consultants not on that panel. Additionally, a company may select a trainer who is not on the directory. In the latter case, before applying for funding, sufficient information must be provided to to demonstrate that the proposed consultant is qualified to carry out the proposed work and has previously carried out similar assignments satisfactorily.

Enterprise Ireland does not give any warranty, either express or implied, as to the qualifications or suitability of any of the persons on the list of consultants and Enterprise Ireland will not be liable for any loss and/or damage caused by a company’s decision to retain the services of such a consultant.

NameLocationBIM-Enable ConsultantBIM-Implement TrainerProfessional/Design ServicesMain and Specialist ContractorsOffsite ManufacturersProduct Manufacturers
BIM AcademyLondon/Newcastle-
DCT GroupDublin-
Diatec GroupDublin--
Digital Built ConsultantsKildare-
The DPW GroupDublin


Key contact/more information

For more information, please contact your Enterprise Ireland Adviser. If you are not a client, please contact your nearest Enterprise Ireland Regional Office.

For general enquiries about the BIM business offer, please email


Click here to download RIAI BIM Pack [pdf format]