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Why Choose the Agile Innovation Fund?

The benefits of choosing the Agile Innovation Fund include:

  • Helps companies in sectors with rapid design cycles keep their advantage by offering an online application and Fast-Track-Approval process
  • Companies can access up to 50% funding, where the grant requested is < €150k (total project cost < €300k)
  • The Fund is open to Enterprise Ireland clients and non-Enterprise Ireland clients, and applications may be submitted at anytime 

Business Innovation

  • Business Innovation projects are also eligible to apply under Agile Innovation
  • Business Innovation projects aim to put in place a new service-delivery, production-method or a change to the business model of the company


Am I Eligible?

You are eligible to apply for Agile Innovation Funding, if:

  • Your company is an Irish based manufacturing or internationally traded services companY
  • You can show adequate cash resources to implement the proposed RD&I project

EI High Potential Start Up (HPSU) Client companies are eligible to apply if:

  • Sustainable revenues of €500,000 have been achieved
  • The company is EBITDA + in the previous accounting period (or previous 9 months prior to application) and can demonstrate future EBITDA + status
  • No external finance in the form of equity (subject to no double funding) has been raised in the previous 6 months


Funding Rate

Grant rates are determined by the type of project and the size of the company. Companies can access up to 50% funding, where the grant requested is < €150k (total project cost < €300k). A bonus of up to 15% is available for projects where there is collaboration between two companies. However, in this case, the maximum grant cannot exceed 50% of the total project costs.

Applicants should refer to the Guidelines for Completing an Application for RD&I and Agile Innovation Funding for additional information in relation to which category their project falls under.


Before Submitting your Application

Please read Enterprise Ireland's:

Guidelines for Completing an Application for RD&I and Agile Innovation Funding

RD&I Fund Reference document

Agile Innovation Fund - Project Change process

Enterprise Ireland is a development agency that aims to work with you to ensure your company gets the most from any financial support and as a result, EI funding is provided against an agreed company growth plan.

  • For non-EI Clients, please download and fill in an Outline Proposal. Email the completed Outline Proposal to The proposal will be reviewed, and a relevant EI person will contact you to discuss the proposed project.

  • For EI Clients, please contact your Development Adviser (DA)* or the Client Relationship Team to discuss your project before applying. EI Clients can also submit an Outline Proposal as above.

    *If you don’t know your company's DA, please use EI’s DA Finder Tool to search for them.


How to Apply?

The Agile Innovation Fund is an online application process. You must create an account within the system to start an application. Applications are separated into sections, which all need to be completed correctly. Full guidance for completing each section can be found within the system.


A separate Project Plan is required as part of your application. The Project Plan should be completed by the Technical Lead for the project. Details on submitting the Project Plan separately are included in the confirmation email you will receive when your online application has been completed and submitted to Enterprise Ireland.


More Information

If you have been approved RDI Funding Support, more information on EI's claims process is available here

Read our client RDI insights and case studies here.

For further guidance, please read the Agile Innovation Fund Sample Application Form and Sample Project Plan.


Contact us

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