Tesshu Kusaba

Dr Tesshu Kusabacol

Dr Tesshu Kusaba, Executive Vice-President, Japan Primary Care Association

The Japan Primary Care Association (JPCA) formed from the combination of three associations in 2010. The JPCA’s stated goal is to help the nation and the medical community recognize the importance of the role of the general/family medicine and family physicians and thus promoting general/family medicine, including:

  • Encouraging citizens to have a family physician as their family doctor
  • Emphasizing the importance of primary care research
  • Emphasizing the key role primary care should play in medical education and healthcare

Dr. Tesshu Kusaba is the Executive Vice-President of the Japan Primary Care Association of Japan, and he has been working with Enterprise Ireland clients to introduce technologies that may best help the JPCA achieve its goals of furthering the quality of primary care in Japan. Dr. Tesshu Kusaba initially trained at Kyoto University in Japan, and later at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. In addition to his role and responsibilities in the JPCA, Dr. Kusaba runs the Hokkaido Center for Family Medicine.