Joe McGoldrick

Joe McGoldrick

Joe McGoldrick, Commerical CEO, Flightman

Joe has extensive management and technical leadership experience in the aviation software sector. He has previously held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Airtel-ATN, a supplier of data communications software to the aviation industry. At Airtel Joe was responsible for the ATNSI development activities, working with a consortium of five leading avionics and aeronautical ground systems vendors to develop the first safety certifiable (DO-178B) air and ground aeronautical telecommunications network products.

Joe has led the development of Flightman’s Electronic Flight Bag and Cabin products and has delivered Business Process Optimisation workshops to leading airlines on the streamlining of operational processes around the aircraft.

He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.

Flightman ( is a global leader in the provision of “Connected Aircraft” solutions to airlines. Flightman’s Solution Suite allows airlines to achieve optimised regulatory compliance, total operational efficiency and enhanced in-cabin passenger service and revenue opportunities by seamlessly connecting and integrating the aircraft within the Enterprise IT infrastructure.

The company develops Aviation Software Solutions which are incorporated in a Service to connect the aircraft to company systems and drive productivity and operational improvements.