Omar Hamadeh

A color image of Omar Hamadeh
Omar Hamadeh

General Manager, Bassam Trading

Omar Hamadeh is currently the General Manager of Bassam Trading Company, a Saudi-based Healthcare group that ranks among the largest and longest-running medical solutions providers in the region.

His role involves helping the company navigate a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape where digitization, supply chain optimization, and localization have become pre-requirements for building a sustainable competitive advantage. As the market leader in the Saudi Arabian EMS industry, BTC has been a proud partner of ACETECH Ireland in introducing next-generation EMS fleet management solutions and performance optimization technology to create smart ambulances that place patient care at the forefront.

Prior to joining BTC, Omar was a Senior Associate Consultant at the strategy firm Bain & Company, covering the MENA region based out of Dubai, UAE. While at Bain, Omar advised on private equity, corporate restructuring, cost optimization, and strategy development mandates for leading public companies in the region. He has also served as a Board member in the OQAL Angel Investment Group, the largest VC Network in the Middle East.

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