Syncrophi Systems

Business Description:

Syncrophi Systems is a developer of medical-grade software solutions for hospital settings. Product development and all associated processes are carried out within a fully-certified EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System. The product is CE-marked Class IIb and FDA-cleared. Our focus is the point-of-care in the hospital ward and our product is capable of interfacing directly with on-ward medical monitors and also with other hospital software systems such as patient administration systems, EHRs, archives etc. We aim to provide ‘best-of-breed’ solutions for use by medical and nursing staff on the frontline. There are well-established ‘reference sites’ in the Scottish NHS, the private Galway Clinic hospital in Ireland and we were appointed as the national demonstrator for this digital health application within the Irish national health system HSE. We are based in Galway, Ireland.

Products and Services:

The KEWS300 Server software combined with the KEWS300 Application software provides the patient recording, reporting and processing functions through a range of user interface screens. Also included is the ability to calculate and display early warning scores based on combining clinician input with parameters being measured and supplied by third-party patient monitors. Early warning scores, escalation protocols, noting templates and other response protocols (for example Sepsis) can be displayed based on the healthcare facility policy. The combination and scoring of the parameters can vary depending on the patient and clinical need. KEWS300 supports several variations of an early warning protocol including adult (EWS, NEWS), maternity (MEWS, IMEWS), and paediatric (PEWS). The alternative ‘device’ most commonly used in hospitals is a collection of paper charts/forms in the traditional manner. The product supports the accurate, timely application of the hospital’s own protocols at the point-of-care and improved remote access to the patient’s data.

KEWS300 systems are configured at installation to meet a customer’s unique needs based on healthcare facility size, patient demographics, vital sign charting, and escalation protocols. KEWS300 can interface with Patient Administration Systems for the retrieval of patient demographic details. KEWS300 can output recorded patient observations to Hospital Information Systems.

Value Proposition:

The KEWS300 system has been shown to almost entirely eliminate charting, recording and scoring errors during patient rounding by nurses. Where Early Warning Score protocols are in place the ‘normal’ medically-relevant error-rate on paper is above 40% whereas this is reduced to less than 1 with KEWS300. Furthermore, adherence to the defined treatment escalation protocols in a timely and accurate manner is dramatically improved which leads to fewer ICU admissions, shorter average-length-of-stay and lower treatment costs. The system provides ease of access to a patient's chart, latest vital signs and escalation status on any device in the hospital which carries the KEWS300 Client.

This provides a major time-saving and efficiency gain for nurses (who do not have to return to the bedside every time they need to check the charts or escalation plan) and doctors (who may be on a different ward or building when wishing to do a quick check on a patients status). The Ward Manager has all the latest charts, vital signs and escalation status for all patients on a screen at the Central Station to allow optimal staff deployment. Anonymous survey of users gave it a score of 4.71 out of 5 for the benefit to personal productivity.

Standards and Certificates:

CE Mark Class IIb
EN ISO 13485:2016

Sector(s) Served:

Digital Health; Healthcare

Key Clients:

HSE, NHS Scotland

Geographical Market(s) Served:

Any country that accepts CE or FDA clearance.

Key Partners:

We are independent but are open to discussion regarding partnering, sales and distribution

Contact Details:

Tel: +353 87 233 8467