Selio Medical

Business Description:

Selio Medical is an award winning, medical device company based in Dublin, Ireland. Selio Medical is a spin out from Bioinnovate and Trinity College Dublin. We are developing a platform technology, the Selio Sealant System, to prevent life threatening complications associated with percutaneous access of internal organs. First indication is the reduction of lung biopsy associated pneumothorax (a collapsed lung). Initial target markets are USA and Europe. Users will be radiologists conducting lung biopsy procedures.

Products and Services:

The Selio Sealant System is a patent protected platform technology. It will be the world’s first system specifically designed to reduce pneumothorax occurring before the biopsy even takes place. It is a single use, prophylactic device comprising a smart delivery needle, a pre-filled syringe of a novel biodegradable hydrogel sealant and an integrated needle stabilizer. It will be used by radiologists, pre-biopsy, to reduce pneumothorax both during and after a lung biopsy procedure.

Value Proposition:

On average one in three lung biopsy patients suffer a pneumothorax. Currently there is no method or device to prevent pneumothorax during percutaneous needle access of the lung. A pneumothorax can convert what should be a standard routine one-day outpatient procedure into one requiring hospitalisation for up to one week for invasive treatment at a cost of €15,000 per patient. The Selio Sealant System will reduce lung biopsy associated pneumothorax thereby improve lung cancer patient’s quality of care, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions while significantly reducing health care costs.

Standards and Certificates:

Selio Medical is progressing with ISO13485 certification.

Sector(s) Served:

Med Devices Medtech Healthcare Life Sciences

Key Clients:

Hospitals conducting lung biopsy procedures

Geographical Market(s) Served:

USA on receipt of FDA clearance and subsequently throughout Europe on receipt of CE Mark.

Contact Details:

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