HidraMed Solutions

Business Description:

Development and supply of adhesive free wound dressing products for hidradenitis suppurativa and difficult to dress chronic wounds. HidraMed Solutions was founded by HS patient Suzanne Moloney, and designed with user needs and user experience at the core. HidraMed Solutions offers a direct to consumer service through an online purchasing portal, and in tandem is reimbursed in several markets for greater patient access.

Products and Services:

HidraWear Medical Garments and HidraWear Super Absorbent, Non Adhesive Wound Dressings designed for use in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa and difficult to dress areas of the body i.e the axilla, groin, buttocks, inner thigh.

Value Proposition:

HidraWear provides comfort, ease of use and adhesive free dressing application, adjustment and retention in difficult to dress areas of the body. HidraWear provides a range of benefits that are unique to the product, including adhesive free dressing retention, reducing dressing related pain, improving comfort, ease of use, body confidence and a significant improvement in quality of life, measured using the Dermatology Quality of Life Index.

Standards and Certificates:

ISO 13485:2016 FDA Registration Cert CE Self certification (class I) EU MDR 2017/745 Compliant

Sector(s) Served:

Healthcare; Life Sciences; Med Devices; Medical; Medtech; Wearable Technologies; Wound Care

Geographical Market(s) Served:

UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands,

Contact Details:

Tel: +353 87 444 0619 Email: conan@hidramedsolutions.com Website: www.Hidrawear.ie

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