EnteraSense Limited

Business Description:

EnteraSense Limited is a medical device sensor diagnostic company founded in 2015 by Donal Devery, Dr. Chris Thompson of Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Dr. Marvin Ryou of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the United States. EnteraSense is developing an innovative sensor technology to detect and monitor Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding (UGIB).

Products and Services:

The device is ingested similar to other existing capsule endoscopic devices in accordance with current clinical practice. Once the device is initiated, it will start detecting immediately using optical technology and can be used to monitor the presence of UGIB for a period up to 3 days. The data is wirelessly transmitted to an external monitor (PC, mobile phone, custom receiver, etc.) enabling a real-time diagnosis. The IP was originally developed in Harvard University and was enhanced by the EnteraSense team. It will alleviate the need for patients to undergo unnecessary procedures and ensure prompt diagnoses and correct treatment. With a potential reduction of unnecessary endoscopies, the Health Economics benefits to the hospital and insurance companies are significant.

Value Proposition:

EnteraSense is a Medical Device company committed to the innovation and commercialisation of GI sensor technologies. We aim to transform and add value to the diagnosis and monitoring of Upper Gastrointestinal bleeding. We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by allowing a quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

Standards and Certificates:

Quality Management System - ISO13485:2016 cert number MD713661

Sector(s) Served:

Med Devices; Medical; Medtech

Geographical Market(s) Served:

Europe & United States

Contact Details:

Tel: 353 091750246 Email: donal@enterasense.com Website: www.enterasense.com