My Patient Space

Business Description:

myPatientSpace is the leading innovative digital health company, founded in 2017, powering connected patient solutions for global Healthcare Providers and Life Sciences companies. Our goal is to improve the healthcare experience for millions of patients globally by connecting them across their care journey. myPatientSpace achieves this by providing an innovative no-code platform that allows our customers to provide personalized medical grade digital companions for patients.  We help make patient-centric care a reality.

myPatientSpace is trusted by world leading healthcare institutions and today powers solutions in disease awareness, pre- and post-surgery care, chronic disease management and research trials in several therapy areas: Sleep, Oncology, Rheumatology, Respiratory, Chronic Kidney Disease, Orthopedics and others.  myPatientSpace can be rapidly configured for any patient pathway.

Our company is founded in Ireland with a global mindset, a global experienced team, and the ability to deploy regional healthcare solutions globally.  We are currently working in Europe, the Middle East, Israel, and the Americas.

Thousands of patients rely on myPatientSpace daily and we process millions of remote monitoring feeds. We are focused on experience, quality and security. Over 99% of patients surveyed say myPatientSpace improves their healthcare experience.

Products and Services:

  • myPatientSpace medical grade No-Code digital health platformweb and mobile
    • End to end platform for communication, collaboration, triage and virtual care
    • Smart engagement powering rich digital engagement and automation at the right stage in the Journey
    • Configurable for any journey and one’s clinical settings, content and branding
    • Remote Patient Monitoring:
      Surveys, PROMS, Device Integration
  • Services for Healthcare Providers:
    • Remote patient management
    • Patient Engagement
    • Virtual Care
    • Smart triage – only see who is needed
    • Provide Education for self-management
    • Streamline services with digitization
      (refills, communication, screenings, appointments)
  • Services for Life Sciences:
    • Next generation virtually-enabled Patient Support programs
    • Encourage adherence with remote treatment
    • Gather evidence to support reimbursement
    • Remote Education for patients & providers
    • Expand Disease Awareness
    • Run Virtual Trials

Value Proposition:

We power the Connected Patient – enabling healthcare organizations and life-sciences companies to securely connect with their patients and remotely manage them at scale across the patient journey.

Our proven no-code medical grade platform & apps reduce risk, improve time to market, and reduce costs in deploying and managing patient solutions.

Our solution can be easily personalized (branding, pathways, content).

Using the proven myPatientSpace platform organizations can:

  • Improve Patient Experience and outcomes
  • Improve Communication
  • Improve adherence to treatments
  • Scale operations
  • Manage patients remotely
  • Gather real-world evidence

Readily adopt a compliant, highly scalable, cloud-based, secure solution that will help improve operational efficiencies and improve patient adherence to treatment plans.

Standards and Certificates:

ISO 13485, GPDR, HIPAA, CyberEssentials, CE-Marked

Sector(s) Served:

Digital Health; Life Sciences; Healthcare; Medtech

Key Clients:

HSE, St James’s Hospital, ResMed PEI, Crown Supplier, Large Global Pharma

Geographical Market(s) Served:

Global – Europe, UK, Middle East, Americas

Contact Details:

Tel: +353 12676625