Business Description: is a UX design studio specialising in healthcare technology and services. We partner with global pharma and medical device companies to provide strategic human-centred solutions for patients and healthcare professionals. We design connected health apps to help patients engage with their therapy and to support patient adherence and treatment management. We also design tools for healthcare professional to improve workflows and patient care. We work with medical device manufacturers to specify user requirements and to deliver human centred workflows and controls. We have performed award winning work in over 20 countries around the globe, shaping the way new technology is used, and transforming how medical devices and healthcare services are delivered in the future.

Products and Services: provide our clients with a complete range of strategic UX design services.

  • Innovation Workshops We fast-track the new product development process, exploring product strategy, customer experience, and design ideation to demonstrate pathways to new business value.
  • Customer Insights Our team provide strategic user research on a global scale with projects in over 20 countries. We conduct home and clinic based interviews, task analysis and user testing services.
  • UX Design Our end-to-end UX design service includes iterative cycles of user research, interaction design, user interface design, rapid UI prototyping and user testing.
  • Connected Health & Medical Devices We provide specialist services to the e-Health sector. Focusing on the needs of patients and professionals for clients in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Human Factors Testing We provide medical human factors services in line with ISO 13485 guidelines

Value Proposition:

We have one of the most experienced strategic design teams in Europe, with more than 20 years experience at the cutting edge of digital technology . We have conducted patient focused research in hospitals, clinics and homes in the Europe, USA, and Japan. We have considerable experience across multiple treatment areas including diabetes, oncology, stroke, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis to name a few.

Sector(s) Served:

Diagnostics; Digital Health; Healthcare; Life Sciences; Med Devices; Medical; Medical Sub-Supply; Medtech; Wearable Technologies

Key Clients:

Amgen, Merck, MindMaze, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Roche

Key Partners:

S3 Connected Health

Geographical Market(s) Served:

USA, Europe, Asia

Contact Details:

Tel: +353 16114630 Email: Website:

Social Media:

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