Meet Ireland's Most Innovative Medtech and Healthcare companies

An infographic showing facts about the Medtech sector in Ireland

Ireland is a small country on the western periphery of Europe, but it continually produces some of the world's most groundbreaking Medtech companies in medical devices, diagnostics and Digital Health.

Med in Ireland is your opportunity to meet them, as well as its world-class component part engineers and manufacturers.

Medtech sales worldwide are forecast to reach 500 euro billion by 2024.  Irish companies will make a significant contribution to this growth, helping to define the future of healthcare globally.  In such a rapidly growing market, the glimpse into the future of Medtech that Med in Ireland provides is invaluable.

A transformative ecosystem

The country's incredible achievements in the sector are rooted in a uniquely government-backed, industry-supported and research-led ecosystem, which helps to create, grow and scale Irish Medtech innovators around the world.

An infographic showing facts about the Medtech sector in Ireland

The country hosts over 200 homegrown Medtech businesses supported by IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, the biggest seed investor of start-ups in Europe.

In addition to established companies, Ireland has a vibrant Medtech start-up ecosystem. These young companies are among the world’s best in terms of new technology, processes and services.

How this ecosystem is nurtured and protected

Enterprise Ireland helps companies to access clinicians, academics and researchers, plugging them into this highly integrated ecosystem and driving collaboration. That’s why the real differentiator for Irish Medtech is not just quality and commercial-mindedness, it’s innovation – and the many initiatives that help spark and support it.

Bioinnovate Ireland is a national programme that supports innovation and design thinking in the Medtech sector. Health Innovation Hub Ireland is a government-backed collaboration between businesses and the Irish healthcare system.

Irish Manufacturing Research Technology Centre is an independent not-for-profit that provides applied research solutions and advanced manufacturing expertise, technology transfer and training to the country’s manufacturing sector.

CeADAR is a market-focused technology centre for innovation and applied research in AI, machine learning and data analytics.

And BioExel is the country’s Medtech accelerator in the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Irish Medtech innovation also benefits from the country’s status as a global powerhouse in sectors such as pharma, biopharma, ICT, and financial services technology.

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