Excel at Growth - Suite of Short Programmes

Excel at Growth logoEnterprise Ireland is developing a Suite of Short Programmes which aim to address the growth challenges of EI client companies. The content of these short programmes has a very practical focus providing participating firms with tools and frameworks that can be easily implemented in-company. Clients can self-select onto programmes which are appropriate to them at a given point in their company growth journey. Each short programme involves an online module, a 1-day face-to-face implementation workshop along with a follow-up 2-hour in-company management team advisory session. 

Client companies can enrol up to three managers to participate on each of these programmes for a relatively small fee, ensuring that the learning can be cascaded throughout their organisation.

Drawing on the collective experience of our network of experienced SME practitioners, the Excel at Growth Series maintains a deliberate focus on the six fundamental building blocks that drive business growth: Strategy, Finance, Leadership & People, Sales & Marketing, Operations and Innovation.


Series of Short Programmes

Currently, we have the following 8 areas in development with further programmes to follow.

  1. Business Planning for Growth
  2. Developing a Board
  3. Family Business
  4. Attracting and Retaining Talent
  5. Scenario Planning for Brexit
  6. Identifying and Managing Innovative Opportunities for Growth
  7. Get Investor Ready
  8. Continuous Intelligence Gathering
  9. Introduction to Lean Principles

The face-to-face workshop element of each programme is held in our Head Office in East Point in Dublin unless otherwise stated.


Programme Schedule 2021

A schedule of dates for all programmes taking place will be published here.  

In the meantime, you can register your interest with our team via excelatgrowth@enterprise-ireland.com and we can keep you updated.



For detailed information, please contact the Excel at Growth team on excelatgrowth@enterprise-ireland.com